6 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing Windows in Calgary?

6 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing Windows in Calgary?
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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

A windows replacement project requires a lot of planning and forethought. You need to determine what kind of windows you want, what your budget and timeframe is, whether you want custom windows, and much more. You also need to avoid making common mistakes that set a lot of projects back. Here are the six most common mistakes you should avoid when planning to replace windows in your home.

1: Looking at Up-Front Cost Alone

Money makes the world go round, and many people use it as a guiding principle when planning home improvement projects. While you should definitely take the up-front cost of your Calgary windows into consideration, it’s foolish to look too deeply into that without taking other factors into consideration. Some windows, like casement windows, can cost more up front but wind up saving you significantly down the road thanks to higher energy efficiency.

2: Not Upgrading Windows When Appropriate

If you like the look of your home but just need better energy efficiency, you might find yourself tempted to replace the windows you have with the exact same brand and model. If you feel this urge, consider the fact that windows tend to stay in place for years or even decades before getting replaced. Not only have there been plenty of advances in window technology since your current windows were installed, but ignoring those advances will put you even further behind years down the road.

3: Only Replacing Some Windows

You might feel the urge to do your window replacement project in chunks – a small amount here, then more next year. This leads to poor house character and keeps you from taking full advantage of the energy savings that replacement windows offer. It’s best to replace all your windows at once. Doing so allows you to reap the full benefits of the project right away.

4: Scheduling Poorly

A proper window installation takes time. If you have a major event going on at your home during the same month that you are getting new windows installed, you need to make sure to plan appropriately. Don’t just use a contractor’s quote when it comes to determining the time frame for this project. Add some extra time into any scheduling around the replacement work so you can be properly prepared should weather or any other obstacle delay the project.

5: Not Communicating with Your Installer

No matter how good your installer is, they don’t know your home as well as you do. This means that it falls on you to let them know about specific needs or areas of concern that you have about a replacement windows project. If your home has structural issues at a certain point or a piece of unusual character that you want to work around, make sure to let your installer know right away.

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6: Going it Alone

Many people get bit by the do it yourself bug and decide that they want to undertake a major problem like window replacement all on their own. Unless you are a skilled and insured windows installer, this can be hazardous. Even if you manage to get the new windows installed, a slight error can keep them from running as efficiently as they need to. Overall, it is best to contact a skilled installer for this job.

If you keep these installation tips in mind, you should avoid the common pitfalls associated with window replacements. If you’re about to undergo such a task, reach out to a professional installer today. The better rapport you get with your installer, the smoother the process will go.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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