How to Choose the Best Patio Doors for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Patio Doors for Your Home
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If you’ve ever thought about remodeling or upgrading your home, chances are, unless your current patio door is broken or has severe cosmetic damage, replacing it may not be your top priority. However, doing so can help you eliminate drafts, foggy doors, and water leaks. New patio doors can also help make your home more energy-efficient and secure.

If you’re being proactive about replacing your patio door, it’s important to do some research to help you find the right one for your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Your Door

As you search for the perfect patio door for your home, one of the first things you should do is to think about your vision for the doors in your home. Which room will it be in? Where will it open to: a patio, balcony, or backyard? Will you be using it to transition to adjacent places?

The next step should be to measure the height and width of your current door, as well as the door frame. This is to ensure your new door will fit properly into the space.

Below are some other important factors you may want to consider:

Door Frame Material

Patio doors typically have glass panes. However, the material surrounding the glass differs from door to door. The type of material you choose can affect many factors such as style, energy efficiency, price, required maintenance, and durability. There are a wide range of door frame materials to choose from, including:

  • Wood: Wood offers a sleek, stylish look - plus, you can customize it to any paint or stain colour you desire. However, patio doors made of wood are often more expensive, and require more upkeep than other options.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl door frames are durable and are less expensive than wood and fiberglass. However, they’re still quite energy-efficient.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum doesn’t offer much energy efficiency, and it tends to dent and scratch more easily. However, it is available at much lower costs.
  • Steel: Steel is similar to aluminum in that it doesn’t retain heat well. However, it’s the most durable option available.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, and you can customize it to match your home’s overall design. With these many benefits, it’s no wonder that fiberglass is the most expensive patio door frame material.

Opening Method

Many people neglect to think about how their patio doors will open during their search for the perfect one. However, it’s important not to skip this step, as you must consider how much space you have, both on the interior and exterior. The last thing you want is beautiful doors that don’t have enough space to properly open.

Patio doors usually come in the following opening styles:

  • In-swing doors: These are the most common and require adequate indoor space for the proper fit. The hinges are on the inside of the home and aren’t visible on the exterior.
  • Out-swing doors: For this type of patio door, you need more space on the outside. Out-swing doors offer greater protection against strong winds and storms.
  • Sliding doors: If you have little space on both the inside and outside, sliding doors might work best. Such is the case if you have a small balcony or sunroom.

Energy Efficiency

A patio door with high energy efficiency limits the transfer of heat, helping your home remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The higher the heat transfer, the higher the energy costs will be, and vice versa. For the best energy efficiency, you might consider a wooden frame and double-paned glass.


Another key factor to consider in your search for a new patio door is security. There are a variety of security options you might consider to keep your home safe and secure:

  • Simple patio door lock
  • Impact-resistant glass
  • Door and window alarms
  • Blocking bars
  • Security pins
  • Add-on window film
  • Glass-break detectors/sensors

How to Choose the Right Glass for You

When it comes to patio doors, not all glass is created equal. Glass choices involve several major points of consideration - for example, you might want clear glass, or perhaps, you want something more decorative or that offers privacy (frosted).

You might also consider treatments that absorb, deflect, or transmit sunlight (tinted glass). If you want your patio door glass to help protect against drafts and provide energy efficiency, then look for ones with ENERGY STAR® labels. Also, consider choosing glass that helps prevent air leakage through and around the door.

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Styles and Types: Finding Your Perfect Door

When looking for the best patio door, make sure the style works for your home. These different styles include:

  • Standard sliding doors: Feature a track along the top and the bottom along which you slide to open the door.
  • Double sliding patio doors: Open from either side and are energy efficient for extreme climates.
  • Modern patio doors: Feature a contemporary design with modern wood finishes, minimalist hardware, and excellent energy efficiency.
  • French patio doors: Offer a larger, more luxurious feel and appearance.
  • Folding patio doors: Fold open and closed like an accordion.


How do I choose a patio door?

Consider several factors such as space, the room where your doors will be, size, style, door frame material, opening method, energy efficiency, and security.

How much does a good patio door cost?

The average cost of a quality patio door usually ranges between $700 to $2,400.

What is the most secure type of patio door?

French doors offer the best security due to their central point, and frames that contain pivots and hinges. As a result, they’re less likely to cave in, and the use of hinges along with a locking mechanism make the left and right sides of each single door quite sturdy.


Choosing the best patio door for your home is all about considering your preferences, budget, and many factors involving your home. If you need help making the right choice, or you’re looking for professional patio door installation, let Canadian Choice Windows & Doors help. Book an appointment today.

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