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Check Out These Vinyl Awnings From This Lethbridge Window Company

One look at the windows in your home is all it takes to confirm that some changes are in order. After considering several styles, you’ve decided that going with awning windows is the way to go. Did you know that the vinyl awning designs offered by this Lethbridge windows company are among the best in the area? Here are some of the features that make them an obvious choice.

Welded Frames and Sashes for Stronger Construction

Construction is important to any window designs. When it comes to these vinyl awning windows, the fact that the frames and sashes are welded securely is a major plus. Rather than wondering how long it will take the seams to split, you can rest assured that they will hold tight no matter what sort of weather comes along. The sturdiness of the construction also means the windows will last longer than similar products offered by other companies.

Triple Sealing Saves Money on Heating and Cooling Costs

You want windows that make it more cost effective to heat the home in winter and cool it in summer. With the triple sealing done on the awning window sashes, you can rest assured air seepage will be a thing of the past. When the windows are in the closed position, no drafts will flow from the windows. Couple that with the double and triple paned glass and there will be little to no temperature transference through the windows at all. That will make a big difference on your heating and cooling costs.

More Control Over the Amount of Ventilation

Many window designs allow you a beautiful view, but it would be nice to let in some fresh air now and then. You do love the look of bow windows in Toronto, but even when they are fitted with moving sashes at each end, it can be difficult to control the flow of air into the home.

The nice thing about vinyl awning windows is that you have more control over the air flow. Even when it’s raining, it’s possible to open the windows slightly and enjoy a nice breeze without any precipitation puddling on the floor.

Attractive Styling Enhances Curb Appeal

Awning windows work well with many different home styles. When you choose to go with vinyl, you also eliminate a lot of the maintenance related to keeping the windows looking their best. Forget about needing to paint the sashes and framework since the color is already in the vinyl proper. The main thing you will need to do is wash the windows on a regular basis. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many years the windows look great and ensure your home’s curb appeal remains high.

Before you make any decisions about replacement windows, check out the vinyl awning designs. Pay close attention to the styling, the operation, and the construction. It won’t take long to see why so many homeowners decide they are among the best choices for their houses.

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