A Scientific Look at How A Window Breaks

A Scientific Look at How A Window Breaks
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4 months ago
Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

Cracks in a window can be highly frustrating, especially if it is a new installation. The only thing you can do now is to ensure it does not happen again. After all, applying for a mortgage or a line of credit is an expense that’s best to avoid. Today, we look at four reasons why a window can crack.

Thermal Stress Cracks

A stress crack is the result of a sudden, extreme change in temperature. This extreme fluctuation in temperature causes the different parts of the glass to expand at varying rates. When the stress of the expansion is more than the strength of the glass, the result is a crack in your window.

So how do you know it’s a thermal stress crack?

If the edge of the glass is intact, it’s a stress crack. The cracks begin at least half inch away from the edge, perpendicular to the glass. Thereafter, the cracks can go any which way.

A thermal stress crack could occur in any type of glass. But the size of the glass can have some influence. Stress cracks are most likely to occur in large windows, especially the ones below overhangs or affixed to an outward protruding room.

Impact Cracks

These cracks occur in a starburst pattern radiating from the point of impact. For instance, when a baseball hits a window, the resulting damage is an impact crack.

The kind of damage depends on the object that penetrates the glass as well as the aspect ratio (the relationship between the height and width of the glass).

Edge Cracks

An edge crack is the result of damage in the glass edge. Any pressure applied to the faulty edge can cause cracks. So how do you know it’s an edge crack? From the above explanation, we know that a thermal stress crack begins about half an inch way from the edge. When a crack begins right from the edge, it’s an edge crack. Another thing to look for is a chip in the edge of the glass.

Spontaneous Breakage

Sometimes glass, especially tempered glass, can break on its own.

When modifications are done to the glass after it is tempered, it is more likely to spontaneously crack. It’s like a ticking time bomb.

Another cause for spontaneous breakage is nickel sufide inclusion. It’s a speck of rock that remains in the glass. A little piece of rock affects a piece of glass at high tension by weakening it and causing it to crack.

A spontaneous breakage is typically the result of negligence on the part of the installation team.

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Replace Cracked Windows Immediately

Whatever the cause for window cracks, it’s best to have them replaced without delay. Broken glass is highly dangerous and can pose health risks for you and your family. We can replace your cracked windows at 0% financing. You may also qualify for a 30% off on replacement windows. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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