Reviewing Window Companies in Edmonton: Ecoline and Hometech

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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Whether you want a single window replaced or you want brand new, energy-efficient windows throughout your home, you have several choices in the Edmonton area. Some important areas of concern include the customer service and professionalism of the installers, the positive comments and feedback on social media sites, and even the services they offer.

Company #1 - Ecoline Edmonton

Ecoline is an Edmonton-based window replacement company that focuses primarily on replacement windows in residential settings. They offer window sales and installation, and while they also replace entry doors at your request, they only do this alongside a window installation job. The length of time that the company has been in business is not readily available on their site, unfortunately, but they do offer a 25-year non-prorated and transferable warranty.

Although most everything they claim on their site is run-of-the-mill (qualified technicians, financing options, dedicated installers, and even a referral program), a few things seem odd and out of place.

  • No Facebook Feedback - In today's day and age, businesses thrive on social media. Although Ecoline does have a dedicated business Facebook page, the activity is nil. In fact, it seems as if only the same two or three people "like" their posts - and the majority have no "likes" at all.
  • No Showroom - Ecoline is an Edmonton-based company that doesn't have a showroom in the area.
  • Negative Reviews - One person even went so far as to write an entire blog - on its very own domain name, no less - about the Ecoline experience. Windows were left damaged or without trim at all, and the homeowner claims that installation materials marred and stained the home.
  • Reasons to NOT Contact the Company - Perhaps the strangest of all of the things we discovered about Ecoline is the company's list of reasons why you should not contact them. According to the list, Ecoline is not a good fit "if you want the lowest price," "you need window repairs," "you only want entry doors replaced," or "you need only supply or install". This means the company is expensive and quite limited in what they are willing to do for their customers. In short, you must buy the windows from Ecoline if you want Ecoline to install them, and vice-versa.

The reviews for Ecoline are positive in nature. However, the majority of their Homestars reviews are marked as "assisted", which means they were written by the company itself. The negative reviews we found turned out to be really bad. Why pay so much more for a product and company touting themselves as superior when the photos say otherwise?

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Company #2 - Hometech Edmonton

Hometech is a small company, and they only service the Edmonton area. They offer a 10-year warranty on workmanship, and they offer a limited lifetime warranty on their materials. While some consumers may claim that the company is too small to manufacture its own products, Hometech works with a variety of suppliers in order to bring homeowners a variety of windows and doors from which to choose. Here are a few things we noticed about Hometech right away.

  • Plenty of Facebook Activity - For such a small company, Hometech's Facebook page is busy, and they are active on their page when it comes to comments
  • Price Guarantee - The company claims that they will beat their competitors' prices, though they still show a "Spring" discount of 15% well into the summer.
  • Doors and Patio Doors - Hometech will install doors as a stand-alone order, and they focus on not only entry doors, but also French and sliding patio doors.
  • Free Estimates - Fill out the form on the site, and a representative will contact you with an estimate.
  • Negative Reviews - Comments on Hometech's Facebook page and elsewhere on the web indicate the installers arrive in a timely fashion and work professionally toward a job well done, but there are concerns about the after-service care.

While both of these companies are common names in the Edmonton area, only Hometech will provide estimates for your entry and patio doors with no questions asked. What's more, it seems that Ecoline is more interested in their profit margin than their customers with a long list of reasons why they "might not be a good fit for you".

Of course, window and door replacement and installation is a big investment, and one that you, as a consumer, should never take lightly. As such, take some time to research all of the companies available to you thoroughly, and make sure that the company you choose is a good fit for your budget, your needs, and your home.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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