Replacement Windows Pricing in Ottawa

Replacement Windows Pricing in Ottawa
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Replacement windows are truly valuable. They can improve the aesthetic appearance of your home both inside and out, keep you and your family more comfortable during the brutal Canadian winters, and even reduce your energy bills by as much as 25%, so they are truly an investment. Understanding replacement windows pricing in Ottawa can help you make better decisions about your upcoming project.

Retrofit Pricing in Ottawa

In a retrofit project, the goal is to reuse your existing window frames, but install new panes of glass and sashes. This is a great way to save money and provide you with enhanced aesthetics, energy savings, and comfort. Retrofits are only ideal if your existing window frames are in excellent condition, so not everyone can take advantage of them. On average, a retrofit will cost somewhere between $250 and $500 per window. This means that if you have 10 windows in your home, your project will cost somewhere between $2500 and $5000 altogether. Bear in mind that other factors can influence these costs.

Full-Frame Replacement Prices

On the other hand, if your window frames are not in good condition and they require replacement, you can expect to pay more. In this case, there is much more labor involved as we must remove the entire window unit – including the frame – from the walls. What's more, because you must purchase entire window units including frames, your costs will be substantially higher. Expect to pay anywhere from 50% to 100% more for full frame replacements, for an average of $250 to $1000 per window.

Factors that Influence Replacement Windows Pricing in Ottawa

The numbers shown here are mere averages, and there are other factors that will influence replacement windows pricing in Ottawa a great deal. These include things like the style of window you choose. For example, a crank-style casement window costs less than a hung window. What's more, a bay or bow window is far more expensive than a slider. Another important consideration is the frame material. Vinyl and aluminum are typically the least expensive, but they also offer the least insulation and durability. Wood will last longer than any other material, but it is more expensive at the outset. Canadian Choice™ offers these options and others to suit your needs and budget.

Replace window cost

Custom Windows and Window Sizes

Finally, two other factors that will play important roles in replacement windows pricing in Ottawa include the sizes of your windows and the need for custom windows. Large windows are more expensive and more difficult to install, so this can drive up your costs somewhat. Keep in mind, too, that many window manufacturers use an assembly-line process for traditional window sizes, but they cannot do this for custom windows. If your home has several custom windows, these will need to be specially made, and it can get quite expensive.

There are many things that will ultimately determine replacement windows pricing in Ottawa, including those listed above. Other things to consider include any additional repairs you may need during the installation process, special requests for material colors or finishes, and the number of panes of glass you choose for your replacement windows. Contact us today to get a free estimate and find out what your window replacement project might entail.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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