When to Replace Windows in Vancouver

When to Replace Windows in Vancouver
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If you’re tired of those old windows and want to make a change, you probably have some questions about replacement windows in Vancouver. For example, how often should windows be replaced? What are some of the signs that the windows need to be replaced? When is the best time to replace those windows and enjoy the best results? Our team at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors can help you with all these questions and a lot more.

Timing Matters: The Best Time of Year for a Vancouver Window Replacement

The time of year will make a difference in terms of when to replace your windows in Vancouver. Generally speaking, August tends to be the warmest month of the year. January is often the coldest, while the most rainfall typically occurs during the month of November. Information of this nature can help you decide when to arrange for the new window installation.

It’s best to not schedule a replacement during times when rain is highly likely. You also want to avoid the colder months, since that can interfere with the insulation and the seals around the new window frames. With this in mind, remember that the weather doesn’t have to be perfect. This is particularly true if you’re going for a retrofit rather than a full frame replacement.

Do consider scheduling the window replacement for a time of year that’s considered relatively slow for this type of home improvement. Opting for late spring or early summer is often recommended. Early fall may also be worth looking into. Since you need to allow up to eight weeks for the windows to arrive and a few days for the installation to be completed, choose accordingly. If you’re not sure what time frames work for your contractor, ask. Many contractors know their schedules for months in advance.

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How Often Should You Replace Windows in Vancouver?

How often to replace the windows in Vancouver is also something many people ask. There’s not a hard and fast rule, but there are averages to take into consideration. It’s not unusual for industry experts to recommend considering a complete window replacement every 25 years.

Why 25 years? There’s a chance that innovations in the industry will mean replacing at that point provides benefits like enhanced energy efficiency. Improvements in materials are also likely to occur.

Remember that 25 years is a general recommendation. If something’s not right with your windows, the right time to replace them is now. If any of the following is happening, call a contractor today:

  • Windows that don’t operate properly. That includes failing to raise or lower, not sashes that don’t stay put, or sashes that are loose.
  • Warped, rotted, or broken window frames. These allow more moisture and air seepage into the home. Repairs are not an option; replace the frames before more damage can occur.
  • Fog between window panes. Fogging or condensation on double or triple pane windows should not be happening. If it does, that likely means the gas seal between the panes is damaged. That calls for at least retrofitting the windows. When the frames are not in the best condition either, consider a full replacement.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding when to replace windows in Vancouver. Consider the age and condition carefully, and don’t hesitate to get advice from a professional. With access to factual information and help from a contractor, you’ll know if the windows need repairs, retrofitting, or replacement altogether. You’ll also get an idea of if the timing is good now or if you need to wait for a little while.


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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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