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All You Need to Know About Converting Flat Windows into Bow Windows

Many home owners want to do everything possible to improve the aesthetic appeal of their properties, and one of the most popular ways to do this is to replace standard flat windows with bow or bay windows. While this is a feasible task in more than 90% of cases, it’s imperative that you take the points below into consideration before forging ahead with your project.

1. Your Home’s Support Structure

While it is normally easy enough to install bay or bow windows in the place of flat windows, you will have to ensure that your home’s structure will be able to support them. Your window installer will check to see whether a sturdy header support system can be installed. There also needs to be sufficient space to install a lintel, as this will help the area that has been cut out to accommodate the bay window remain stable over time.

2. Available Head and Seat Area

This is another crucial area that will be assessed by the installer beforehand. In cases where your window is underneath a soffit roof overhang, your installer will check to ensure that the projection of the window doesn’t extend past this. In cases where there is no soffit overhang in the area where you want to convert a flat window to a bow or bay window, a new hood will have to be installed to accommodate it. In cases where a new hood system has to be installed, it’s essential that it be correctly tied into the wall, as this will prevent leaking in the future.

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3. Benefits of Converting Flat Windows to Bow Windows

One of the main benefits that you as a home owner will be able to enjoy after having bay or bow windows installed in place of flat windows is that they add a tremendous amount of aesthetic appeal to virtually any property. Over time, a home improvement project like this will also add to the overall value of your house. A home that has well-installed and attractive bay or bow windows will normally attract far more interest from prospective buyers than one that has standard flat windows.

4. Professional Installation is Essential

After deciding to replace some of your windows with bow windows, you will need to ensure that you hire the right company to do the job. This should be a professional windows installation company with employees who are highly experienced at performing window conversions and installations. Not doing so could result in you having to deal with endless leaking or sealant issues, which will vastly shorten the expected lifespan of your new windows.

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