6 Best Window Companies in Burnaby, BC

6 Best Window Companies in Burnaby, BC
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Are you looking to replace your home's windows in Burnaby, British Columbia? With so many window installation companies to choose from, it can be a daunting task to find the right one. Selecting the best window company in Burnaby for your project is an important investment that will impact your home's energy efficiency, comfort, and curb appeal for years.

Below we have compiled a comparison table of the top-rated window companies in Burnaby along with an overview of each company's offerings, competitive advantages, pricing, and more. We break down the factors you should consider when evaluating window replacement companies to help you choose your home improvement project.

Comparison of Top Window Companies in Burnaby

Company Types of Windows Offered Competitive Advantages Price Range Rating
1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors Vinyl, fiberglass 30+ years experience, customizable, energy efficient $$ 4.8/5
2. EuroLine Windows Inc. Vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum Beautiful designs, high-performance, stepcode compliant $$$ 4.7/5
3. HighQ Windows & Doors Vinyl, aluminum, wood clad Customization, energy efficiency $$ 4.5/5
4. A1 Windows Vinyl, wood, aluminum Unique vinyl formula, energy efficient $$ 4.2/5
5. Sundance Window & Door Ltd Vinyl, wood, aluminum Family-owned, limited details $$ 4.0/5
6. West Coast Windows Vinyl, wood, fiberglass Premium quality since 1991 $$$ 4.5/5

How We Evaluate Window Companies

When reviewing the top window replacement companies in Burnaby, we looked at the following criteria:

  • Experience - How long has the company been in business? An established company with years of experience is a good sign.
  • Range of products - Do they offer a wide selection of window types and styles? More variety provides more options to suit your needs.
  • Quality - Do they use high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers? Quality windows last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency - Do their windows meet ENERGY STAR requirements? Efficient windows reduce energy costs.
  • Warranties - Longer and more comprehensive warranties provide better protection on your investment.
  • Customer service - From the initial quote to the final installation, how is their communication and professionalism? Read reviews to get a sense of real customer experiences.
  • Pricing/value - Compare cost of windows along with what's included in the price (installation, warranty, etc). Make sure you get the best value.

1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

Canadian Choice is one of the most reputable window and door companies serving Burnaby homeowners. In business for over 30 years, they have installed thousands of replacement windows across British Columbia.

They offer a full range of customizable, energy-efficient vinyl windows as well as sliding doors. Their windows feature quality components and insulating glass units for optimal energy efficiency and noise reduction. Canadian Choice handles the full process from consultation and sales to professional installation by their own skilled staff.

Page: Windows Replacement in Burnaby


  • Huge selection of window types and styles
  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty
  • Professional installation included
  • Triple pane windows


  • Premium products come at a premium price

Price Range: $$

2. EuroLine Windows Inc.

EuroLine Windows

EuroLine is known for its beautifully engineered, high-performance windows and doors. They manufacture premium products including vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum windows and patio doors.

With an in-house design team, they can provide completely custom windows made to your specifications. Their products meet the highest efficiency and sustainability requirements. Plus, their skilled installers ensure optimal performance.

Site: euroline-windows.com


  • Custom window designs
  • Specialize in energy efficient, green building standards
  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetics


  • More expensive than big box brands

Price Range: $$$

3. HighQ Windows & Doors

HighQ Windows & Doors

HighQ Windows & Doors provides Burnaby homeowners with energy-efficient window and door solutions. They offer vinyl, aluminum-clad wood, and fiberglass windows along with wood and vinyl patio doors.

Their products feature high-end components from brands like Jeld-Wen and Starline Windows. They provide a range of customization options from grids, hardware finishes to special glass types. Their experienced installation team provides professional installations as well.

Site: www.highqdev.ca


  • Wide selection of products
  • Customization available
  • Professional installation


  • Smaller company so limited details available

Price Range: $$

4. A1 Windows

A1 Windows

A1 Windows is a Burnaby-based company that has manufactured and installed windows across British Columbia since 1992. They offer vinyl, wood, and aluminum replacement windows along custom window designs with patio doors.

Their vinyl windows feature an exclusive composite formula used only in their manufacturing facility. It creates vinyl windows that are durable, energy efficient, and able to withstand BC's coastal climate. Their skilled staff provides turnkey installations.

Site: a1windowsandsiding.com


  • Exclusive vinyl composite formula
  • Energy efficient products
  • Local company since 1992


  • Smaller selection of window styles

Price Range: $$

5. Sundance Window & Door Ltd

Sundance Window & Door Ltd

Sundance Window & Door Ltd is a family-owned locally owned and operated company that has served Burnaby and surrounding areas for many years. They provide window and door installations, replacements, and repairs.

While limited details are available about their products and services, they have positive customer reviews praising their quality work, professionalism, and fair pricing. They offer a range of vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows.

Site: sundancewd.biz


  • Established, family-owned business
  • Positive reviews for quality work


  • Limited information available

Price Range: $$

6. West Coast Windows

West Coast Windows

Since 1991, West Coast Windows has been building a solid reputation with homeowners and builders for premium quality windows, doors, and skylights. All their products are built locally in BC using top-grade materials.

They offer an extensive selection of vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows and patio doors. Their windows feature robust construction with high energy efficiency and noise reduction. The knowledgeable staff provides homeowners with helpful recommendations and skilled window installation services too.

Site: www.westcoast-windows.com


  • Wide product selection
  • Premium quality and robust construction
  • Industry-leading warranty


  • Higher pricing than some competitors

Price Range: $$$

Why Quality Windows and Doors Matter

Investing in high-performance windows and doors, whether for a full replacement project long life windows or just upgrading problem areas in your home, provides many important benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Quality windows with advanced insulating glass, weatherstripping, durable frames and other energy-saving features can significantly reduce your home's energy costs and carbon footprint. They prevent costly air leaks and keep interior spaces comfortable.

Enhanced Comfort

Energy-efficient windows also lower noise transmission from outside. And features like low-E glass help regulate interior temperatures. This creates more comfortable living environments.

Improved Durability

High-grade windows are built to last decades with minimal maintenance required. Their durable construction and protective finishes withstand weathering and wear and tear for long life.

Enhanced Security

Advanced framing materials, reinforced locking systems, laminated glass, and other features make windows and doors highly secure. This deters intruders and protects your valuables.

Curb Appeal

New windows and doors -- especially with custom designs -- can transform the look of your home's exterior and add aesthetic value. This appeals to buyers when it comes time to sell.

Choosing the right window and door company is key to realizing these benefits. Their expertise and high-quality products make all the difference.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Window Company

To identify the best company for your window replacement project, keep the following factors in mind:

Experience and reputation - An established company with proven expertise and thousands of installations completed demonstrates their capabilities. Check online reviews too.

Range of products - Look for a variety of window types like casement, front awning windows, slider, double-hung, bay windows, and more. Along with different frame materials - vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass.

Design services - Some companies have design consultants who can suggest the ideal windows and configuration right windows for your home and priorities.

Efficiency standards - Choose an ENERGY STAR-certified company that offers windows meeting the latest insulation, air tightness, and energy efficiency standards.

Warranties - Quality installers will back their products/services with warranties of 10-20 years or longer. Multi-year installation warranties give added peace of mind.

Full-service company - From the initial home evaluation to custom window ordering to professional installation and beyond, a streamlined process with a single company makes it simple turn windows on.

Cost/value - Get quotes from multiple window suppliers. Compare warranties, efficiency ratings, materials, and services included to determine the best value, not just the lowest initial cost.

Local experience - A company located in and serving Burnaby for many years is best. They understand local building codes, permit processes, climate conditions, and design preferences.

Customer service - From responsive communication to skilled installers who respect your home, excellent customer service ensures a smooth process.

What to Avoid When Choosing a Window Company

While the window companies featured above are all great options, here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • High-pressure sales tactics or quotes well below competitor pricing. This can signal shady business practices.
  • Lack of licensing, insurance, and WCB coverage for workers. This puts you at risk.
  • No showroom or office you can visit. Makes it hard to vet their legitimacy.
  • Limited or no warranty on windows or installation. Provides no protection.
  • No ENERGY STAR certification or energy efficiency details available. Windows may be subpar.
  • Vague about their years in business, experience, staff qualifications, and certifications. Hard to trust quality.
  • Poor customer reviews mentioning flawed installations, bad products, or unresolved issues. Major warning sign.


Installing replacement windows or doors is a major investment in your home. Take the time to carefully evaluate potential suppliers. Opting for quality products and experienced installers really pays off over the lifetime of your new windows and doors.

The companies profiled herein are great options for window installations in Burnaby, BC. They offer energy-efficient products, and comprehensive services, and deliver proven results. Reach out for an initial consultation. Take advantage of any special offers! Investing in market-leading window solutions will enhance your home and provide lasting value and comfort for many years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular styles of windows?

Some of the most popular styles of residential windows include:

  • Casement windows: Hinged on the side and crank open outward. Provide full ventilation. Available in awning and hopper styles.
  • Sliding windows: Double sashes slide horizontally allowing partial or full opening. Great for limited spaces.
  • Double-hung windows: Lower and upper sashes slide up and down. Classic style suitable for many spaces.
  • Bay and bow windows: Combine multiple window units in an angular shape. Enhance views and natural light.

What factors affect window energy efficiency?

Some factors that impact window energy efficiency are:

  • Glazing layers: Multi-layer glazing with features like triple pane glass improves insulation. Avoid single-pane windows.
  • Frame material: Composite and thermally broken window frames prevent heat/cold transfer.
  • Low-E coatings: Help reflect infrared light keeping interiors comfortable.
  • Inert gas fills: Spaces between glazing filled with argon/krypton gas improve efficiency.
  • Weatherstripping: Prevents air leaks around window sashes.

How can you improve the energy efficiency of existing windows?

To improve existing windows' efficiency without full replacement try:

  • Add weatherstripping around the window frames and sashes
  • Install storm windows over the exterior
  • Upgrade to triple pane glass inserts
  • Add insulating window coverings and curtains
  • Apply window film to reduce UV rays and heat gain/loss

What is the installation process for replacement windows?

The full window installation process generally includes:

  1. Consultation to measure openings and discuss project scope
  2. Ordering windows and permits
  3. Removing old window units and preparing openings
  4. Installing and securing new window frames
  5. Integrating weatherstripping, hardware, etc.
  6. Sealing, insulating and testing for smooth operation
  7. Interior trims and finishes
  8. Clean up and haul away old window materials

Why choose a professional local window company?

Choosing a professional local window company provides:

  • Expert guidance on optimal window solutions
  • Smooth permitting and project coordination
  • Precise installation by skilled technicians
  • Longer warranties and continued excellent service
  • Support of local businesses and jobs
  • Familiarity with local building codes and regulations

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