Replacement Windows Market in Vancouver

Replacement Windows Market in Vancouver
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Your home is one of the most significant assets that you’ll ever own. In order to protect this valuable asset, it’s important to make improvements from time to time. The day will come when you need to think about getting rid of the old windows and replacing them with new ones.

New windows means finding the right product and the right contractor to do ensure the work is done properly. That means asking questions and paying close attention to the answers. To help you get started, here are six points to consider closely before you select the windows or hire the contractor.

What Kind of Window Style(s) Work Best With the Home’s Design?

While the current window style is okay, is it really the best choice for the home? It may have been ideal back in the day, but you’ve made some changes to the facade since buying the property. It could be that you should consider going with a different style that’s more in line with the home’s current design.

This is a matter to discuss with a contractor. Someone who’s seeing the place for the first time may be more objective about window styles. You may find that there’s a different style that would work better. In fact, there may be more than one alternative. If so, the two of you can explore the benefits associated with each one and settle on the style that you believe will work best.

Operating the Windows: What’s Your Pleasure?

What would make it easier for you to open and close the windows? This is another question that you want to discuss with the contractor. There are a number of different options out there to consider. Based on the design of your home, the contractor can point out options that work the way you prefer and still look great.

Perhaps you have double hung windows that allow you to raise and lower both sashes. If that’s what you like, stick with the same design. You may also like the idea of sliding windows that move left to right instead of up and down. That’s especially helpful if you or other members of the household have difficulty with traditional sashes.

Do you never open the top sash on the double hung windows? It’s easy enough to invest in new single hung windows with a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash. You could also consider the idea of casement or awning windows for the home. As long as the functionality is there and you like the style, that type of window is worth exploring in more detail.

Will Standard Windows Do or Does the Home Require Custom Windows?

While you think that all of the windows are standard sizes, that may or may not be the case. The only way to know for sure is to measure each one. Even if there’s some slight variance, a contractor may be able to take pre-fabricated windows in a standard size and alter them to fit. This is not unusual with homes that were constructed in the last four or five decades.

If you own an older home, the odds that the windows do vary more in size are quite real. In that situation, standard sizes may not work even with some modification. In this scenario, it will be necessary to take the measurements of each window and have a custom one made.

Keep in mind that whether you need standard sizes or custom ones, it’s possible to ensure the quality is there. The contractor will know which manufacturer will do the best job and ensure the windows are everything that they need to be. You can also rest assured that those new windows will come with a great combination of quality and price.

More Than One Window Style: How to Combine Fixed Windows with Windows You can Open and Close?

Your home design sports beautiful picture windows in the living and dining rooms. There are also single or double hung windows in different areas of the home. That’s great, since you have control over how much fresh air to let in the house.

In terms of installing new windows, how do you go about arranging for more than one style? That’s not an issue for the contractor. It’s easy enough to order new picture windows that use glass with higher Energy Star ratings. At the same time, the other windows can be ordered in the style you want and ensure they are also energy-efficient.

The look of each type of window will blend in seamlessly with the home’s design. Instead of what appears to be disparate elements, the visual flow will be simple. That in turn helps to help the house look more unified and enhances the curb appeal.

How About Dealing with Glare During Different Times of the Day?

The morning or afternoon sun is beautiful, but it can cause problems inside the house. Too much of a good thing may mean you can’t sit in your favourite chair or be able to recline and enjoy a good book without some glare. When it comes to watching television, that can only happen if you close the blinds or drapes. When that happens, you don’t get to enjoy the view.

The contractor has a solution for this type of issue. It’s possible to utilize glass that allows you to see the outdoors with ease while eliminating all or most of the glare. Once they’re in place, you can sit or recline anywhere that you like. Read a book, watch television, or even look out the window without having to deal with any glare at all. Think of this as one of the ways to make the home more inviting than ever.

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How About Style Choices That Allow Everyone to Operate the Windows?

Think about everyone who currently lives in the home. Now consider what would happen if you had an elderly relative come to live with you. Would they find it as easy to open and close the windows as you do? If not, it may be time to come up with a solution that will work for everyone.

If there’s someone in the home who may not be physically able to raise and lower sashes on single or double hung windows, do think about other options. Sliding windows, especially those that tile inward for easy cleaning, are an option. Casement or awning windows are also viable choices. Some window types can be automated so that all anyone has to do is use a mechanical crank or flip a switch to open and close the windows. Rest assured that a contractor can discuss all these options with you.

You’ll be living with those new Vancouver windows for a long time. Make sure they provide all the features that you like about the old ones while proving you with some helpful new options. Ask plenty of questions and be open to considering something that you had not thought of before. In the end, you and the contractor will come up with the perfect solution for your home.


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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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