Hard Talk Time: How to Save Money While Replacing Windows in Calgary?

Getting replacement windows is a very good idea, especially for Calgary homes that can benefit from the added efficiency. In time, these new windows will pay for themselves. That doesn’t mean that the installation cost isn’t something you might have to save up for, though. If you’re wondering how you can save money for your replacement window installation, here are a few tips that can help you out immensely.

Consider the Scope of Work

You might find yourself tempted to replace only one or two windows at a time in order to save money. While this will cost you less money up front, it doesn’t do much to ease the overall cost of the project. In fact, it can cost you a lot of extra money in the long run. Most window installers charge less per window for a larger project that replaces multiple windows at once. This requires fewer hours from the installers and allows them to work more efficiently. When looking at ways to save money for your window replacement, don’t let yourself get drawn into a trap by keeping the project small and doing only one or two windows at a time. Save up for a larger scope of work that will cost you less over time.

Shop for Deals

There are a lot of special sales and rebate programs that can help reduce the cost of your window replacement project. For starters, check with the local government to see if you can take advantage of their energy efficiency program offerings. The province of Alberta, for example, offers rebates for switching to more energy efficiency windows. Certain groups of citizens, such as seniors and military personnel, often have the chance to reap the benefits of additional discounts. If worse comes to worst and you don’t know where to turn for a deal, don’t be afraid to ask your chosen window installer. They might be able to point you to sales or rebates that you have not yet been able to find.

Take Advantage of Financing

Lastly, look into financing programs to help minimize the up-front cost of replacement windows. Many installers offer special financing deals. You can often find an arrangement that requires $0 down and 0% financing over the first year or two of your installation. This allows you to budget appropriately over the course of months instead of figuring out how to pay the entire cost before the windows are even installed. When calculating your financing budget, make sure to remember that the new windows will likely provide you with a savings on your energy bills. This will give you even more financial flexibility when paying off the financing costs.

When budgeting for replacement windows, think about long-term benefits rather than immediate savings. Cutting down the scope of the project won’t actually save you much money, but taking advantage of energy efficiency rebates and financing offers from your installers will. With just a little bit of extra financial flexibility, you can remove the stress associated with the cost of replacing windows and just enjoy the benefits. Call us 403-621-1149.

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