Why Should You Buy Windows Directly from Manufacturer?

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Whether you have picked up on a draft or you're renovating your home, and you want to get in a little more light or modernize the facade of your house, you're going to need replacement windows.

Getting the right windows that fit in with your budget can be tricky. Windows are costly, and making sure you buy the ones made from the correct material and fit properly is imperative.

While you could go to a boutique window maker or a store that sells windows, you find that your choices are limited or air on the more ornate or bespoke side - run-of-the-mill stuff or overly expensive.

Another choice is to buy directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many people don't consider this option because they aren't aware you can do it or are concerned about quality, cost, or installation.

Come with us as we explore why buying your windows directly from the manufacturer is an innovative and cost-effective option.

Cost and Budget

Setting a budget you want to keep in with before buying new windows is imperative. It will help keep your costs in check and prevent you from overspending where you don't need to.

It is a good idea to shop around and do some research online before picking a place to buy your replacement windows.

Most people will head to a store or a boutique craftsman to purchase their new windows. While this may seem like a logical choice, it isn't very budget-friendly.

Boutique-store windows are often far more expensive because they are custom made and are usually produced by a craftsman, which adds to the cost.

Store-bought windows are often more expensive, too. This is because the store purchases them from a manufacturer and then adds on a markup of their own, making them sometimes double what you would pay if you bought your windows directly from the manufacturer.

Buying your windows from a manufacturer allows you to find the windows you want at a lesser cost.


Quality is another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing your new windows. Many people would rather buy replacement windows from a store because they believe that the quality of store-bought products is higher.

Remember, though, that the stores get their windows from manufacturers before placing them on the shelves!

Windows from a boutique are often considered the best quality because they are usually handmade or created in small batches where quality control is more stringent. While this is undoubtedly true, it does not mean that the quality of windows from more prominent manufacturers is any less.

These larger suppliers also have rigorous quality checks that the windows have to go through before being sold. These manufacturers often sell to construction companies and architects, so there is no reason why you should doubt the quality.

The Middleman

The middleman is, unfortunately, where things go wrong. Not only do they add additional cost, but they can cause delays too.

For example, if there is a problem with the window you purchased from them, you'll have to wait for them to contact their source and formulate a plan to have the window fixed; this is done on their time and could take a while.

Buying from the manufacturer directly is a far less frustrating experience - you can contact them directly about any problems you may encounter, and it costs you a lot less as there are no middleman fees.

In addition, issues are resolved far quicker, and any concerns you have can be addressed with the window makers themselves rather than ending up with a case of a broken telephone.


Typically, when we think of custom windows, our minds head straight to that boutique window site. A bespoke artisan can only make custom windows, right? Wrong!

Manufacturers also can create custom windows made to your specifications. Although these large manufacturers essentially produce a selection of ready-made or mass-produced styles and designs, if you chat with them, they can make a unique set of windows just for you.

Now, you get to be involved with creating your dream windows at a fraction of the price a boutique would charge you.


Manufacturers back their windows with a warranty, so should anything go wrong, you're not left forking out more money for a new one.

These warranties are also a nod to the quality the manufacturer puts into the construction of the windows; no one is going to put their money behind a window they expect to fail in just a few months or years.

These manufacturers will also service the windows for you, keeping them in top condition for many years to come.

Expert Knowledge

These manufacturers know and understand windows better than anyone; after all, they are the ones who make them. This understanding places them at a unique advantage that allows them to provide you with expert advice about your windows that a store associate will not be able to offer.

Manufacturers are knowledgeable about a wide variety of aspects regarding your windows, from what features will work best in the type of window you're looking for to which style would be best suited to each room. Here are a few aspects of buying new windows they can assist you with:

The Glass

Manufacturers will be able to advise you on the type of glass best suited to your windows and architectural windows as well based on the climate you live in and how much sun shines through them based on the time of day.

For example, a double glazed window is best suited for those needing superior insulation or noise control. Other forms of glass are great at protecting the contents of your home from UV damage.


A manufacturer can help you decide which material is best suited to the windows you want, the architectural design of your home, and which will fare best in terms of the climate you live in.

For example, if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain, a vinyl window is a superior choice to a wooden one easily damaged by moisture.


Here, they can help you choose which type better suits the room, whether a low-hung window, a slider, or a double-hung window is your best bet.


So, now you've bought your windows, and they're good to go, but you need to have them installed. Again, many stores will do this for you at a monumental price.

A manufacturer can also install your windows for you at a far lesser cost. Instead of calling in a separate installation company like a store, manufacturers usually have their own installation team that understands the windows and their installation better.

This team is highly qualified at what they do, and they operate off an installation quality control procedure and can guide you in terms of what to expect when installing replacement windows. What this means is no installation issues. You can also call this same team back to service the windows for you.

Full frame window replacement cost


Choosing new windows for your home is challenging enough without dealing with exorbitant prices that don't fit your budget, installation delays, poor quality, and a lack of knowledgeable feedback that will help you feel at ease with your choice.

Buying your windows from a manufacturer will save you time, money, and frustration, making the process a fun one that you can enjoy.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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