Types of Replacement Windows in Winnipeg

Types of Replacement Windows in Winnipeg
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When it comes to the many types of replacement windows in Winnipeg, finding the ones that best suit your needs is easier than ever. Understanding the differences between window types can help you make the best possible decisions for your budget and your needs, especially when it comes to saving on energy costs in the cold Winnipeg climate. Here at Canadian Choice™, we offer hundreds of different windows to suit your unique needs.

Casement & Awning Windows

If you are looking for the perfect mix of affordability and comfort, then casement and awning windows are always a great choice. These are the most popular types of replacement windows in Winnipeg, as well. Casement windows are hinged at each side and open outward via a crank. Fixed casement windows only open on one side; the other "fixed" side remains stationary. Awning windows are much like casement windows, but they are hinged at the top and open outward, resembling an awning. Whereas casement windows offer the best possible ventilation, awning windows provide some ventilation while blocking the wind and keeping the rain out.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows come in various sizes and styles, and they offer unsurpassed user friendliness. There are three main types of sliding windows.

  • Single Tilt – These types of windows slide from side to side. One sash remains stationary and fixed into place while the other moves left to right to provide ventilation. The movable sash also tilts into the room, making it easy to access and clean.
  • Double Slider – A double slider window is sometimes called a butterfly. It operates much like a single tilt except both sides move, and both sides can tilt into the room for easier access. These sliders give you a little more control over the amount of ventilation you allow, as well.
  • End Vent Slider – Finally, this type of slider has three sashes. The center sash remains fixed into place, but the two sashes at either end slide left to right and fold inward for easy cleaning. This type of sliding window is the best option for very large windows when the sliding option is desired.

Hung Windows

Hung windows are also very popular types of replacement windows in Winnipeg, and they are also some of the simplest. They come in two different styles – single hung and double hung. In a single hung window, one sash (usually the top sash) remains stationary, while the bottom slides up and down. Sometimes, the bottom slash will also tilt inward for cleaning. A double hung window is much the same, but in this case, both sashes move and tilt inward.

Fixed & Custom Windows

Fixed and custom shape windows are not as common in Winnipeg, but they can provide some originality in your home's architecture. Fixed windows can fit into casement, awning, slider, and hung window frames, but once they are in place, they do not move. Custom windows, on the other hand, are those that come in various "odd" shapes, styles, and sizes. These may be used as accents above doors or as decorations in other parts of your home, and they are sometimes known as "architectural windows".

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Bay & Bow Windows

Finally, bay and bow windows can provide both beauty and functionality above and beyond any of the other types of replacement windows in Winnipeg. Both types of windows project forward from the home. Bay windows have three windows with the central window, which is the largest, remaining fixed. Bow windows consist of four or more windows, and can be comprised of all stationary sashes, all adjustable sashes, or any configuration of both.

Though you might prefer to stick to the original types of windows in your home, it is possible to replace your existing windows with other types of replacement windows in Winnipeg. If you want to swap hung windows for casement, or casement windows for bay, be sure to ask us here at Canadian Choice™ about the prices and labor involved in making that switch. If you live in Winnipeg check out these replacement windows companies.

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