Do You Install Replacement Windows from the Inside or the Outside?

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When it comes to replacing windows in your home, one of the key decisions you'll face is whether to install them from the inside or the outside.

Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks, and understanding the factors involved can help you make the right choice for your specific situation.

Interior vs. Exterior: Choosing the Right Approach for Replacement Windows

The decision to install replacement windows from the interior or exterior of your home depends on several factors, including the type of windows you're installing, the condition of your existing window frames, and your personal preferences.

Installing windows from the inside means taking out the old window first from inside your house.

Start by removing the inside trim to get to the old window. Then, install the new window from the inside and put back the trim. This way doesn't affect the outside of your home too much, making it a good choice if you’re worried about keeping the outside looking the same.

Meanwhile, installing windows from the outside is a bit of a different process. Extract your old window from the outside by removing the outside trim. Then, put the new window in from the outside. This might be needed if the old window frame is damaged, or if there are other problems with the outside of your house.

Things to Think About

Once you’ve decided you’re going to replace your windows, how do you decide which way to go? Generally, there are a key few things to consider:

  • How's the Old Window Frame? If it's still in good shape, inside installation might be better. However, if it's all beaten up, you might have to go outside.
  • What Kind of Window is it? Some windows are easier to put in from the inside, like ones that swing out. Others might need to go in from the outside.
  • Can You Get to the Windows Easily? If they're up high or hard to reach, outside installation could be tricky.
  • Do You Care About Looks? Inside installation is nicer for keeping the outside of your house looking good.
  • Got a Budget? Outside installation might need more steps, which could cost more.

Pros and Cons

Both ways of installing your windows have their own pros and cons:

Interior Installation


  • Keeps the outside looking nice
  • Easy to get to for fixing issues
  • Might be cheaper for some windows


  • You have to take out inside trim
  • You can't fix outside problems

Outside Installation


  • You can fix up exterior damage while you're at it
  • Could be faster for big problems
  • Keeps the inside looking good


  • Can damage the exterior of your home
  • Might need more tools, which costs more
  • Weather could affect your new windows

What Is the Best Way to Install New Windows?

The best way to install new windows depends on your specific circumstances and priorities.

Interior installation is generally preferred for its minimal impact on the exterior of your home and ease of access for maintenance. However, exterior installation may be necessary to address structural issues or damage to the existing window frames.

What Happens to Interior Trim When Replacing Windows?

When replacing windows from the interior, the interior trim and sash stops are typically removed to access the old window unit. Once the new window is installed, the interior trim is replaced to finish the installation.

It's important to work carefully to preserve the integrity of the trim and ensure a tight seal around the window opening.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Install New Windows?

The best time of year to install new windows depends on your climate and weather conditions. In general, spring and fall are often considered the best seasons for window installation, as they typically offer mild temperatures and lower humidity levels.

However, windows can be installed year-round as long as weather conditions are suitable and precautions are taken to protect the home from the elements. Be sure to consult with a professional installer to determine the optimal timing for your window replacement project.

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