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Why Replacing Your Windows Will Save You Money in Brampton This Winter

Winters in Brampton are anything but warm. The average temperature during January is around -6.7°C. If you are lucky, there may be days when it warms up to -2.5°C range. While much of your attention is making sure the home heating system is in top shape, don’t overlook the windows. Depending on their conditions, you will find that replacing the windows before winter arrives will save you money in more than one way. Here are some examples. 

Reduce Mold and Mildew Development

The standards for windows today are more complex than in decades past. If you live in a home that was built five or six decades ago, the current windows may not be up to code. That means the glass used in those windows in Brampton may develop condensation with greater ease. The result is more mold and mildew around the window sashes and frames.

Think of what daily exposure to mold and mildew will do to everyone living in the house. At best, people notice they feel a little more fatigued. At worse, they have reactions that resemble the flu and or trigger minor to moderate respiratory issues. That means more trips to the doctor and more money spent covering whatever your insurance does not. By replacing the older windows with new ones that will not develop mold, you can save quite a bit on winter medical costs and get yourself a nice pair of winter boots from Sorel. 

New Windows Mean Greater Security 

Have you considered that your older windows present a security risk? Even with a security system in place, it would still be easy for a burglar to break through an older window and grab some valuables on the way out. 

Along with losing something that may or not be easily replaced, those older windows prevent you from claiming more discounts on your homeowner’s policy. If you talk with an agent, there’s likely another discount you can claim if your aging windows are replaced with new and sturdier designs. That will certainly mean lower premiums as the winter progresses. 

Lower Utility Costs 

Those older windows don’t provide the protection from the elements that you think. Between tiny cracks around the frames and gaps where the upper and lower sashes meet, more air is seeping in than you think. Even with caulking and other strategies, your heating system has to run more often in order to keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. 

When you invest in new windows, all of those problems go away. You’ll also find that the glass used in today’s window designs provides a more effective barrier from the cold. Pair those benefits and it’s easy to see why your heating system would have to run less often. Since the system consumes less energy, your utility bills will be lower.

If you are still not sure if the time has come to invest in new windows in London or Brampton, call a contractor and arrange for a free inspection. Talk with the professional about the impact the current windows have on your winter expenses. You may find that replacing them now will save a lot of money and also help everyone to remain healthier.

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