How to Remove Tape Residue from Windows: Step by Step Guide

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3 months ago

Whether you wanted to get better insulation for your windows or you have just changed the color of them, duct tape is one of the most frequently used means for windows treatment. Regardless of the great projects you can do with a tape the consequences, such as tape residue, are awful and frequently frustrate home owners. But according to Ajax vinyl window professionals all that frustration and stress is very easy to avoid if you know how to deal with the tape residue. This essential knowledge will not only save your nerves but also time and efforts that otherwise you would have spent trying a variety of methods. In this article we would like to present you the most efficient way of cleaning your vinyl windows from tape residue in terms of time and the number of attempts needed.

After you remove the tape from the vinyl surface you see unpleasantly looking and very sticky substance on the windows surface. Some people believe that there are such tape types that will leave no marks, but we have to confess that this is not entirely true and you will always have some issues with it. We also want to comfort you that after reading this article, no matter how firm and sticky tape you use, you will always be ready to get rid of the residue in a few simple steps. Beware of the advice saying “scrape the residue off”! In no situation should you think of this, because such actions will lead to severe damage to your new vinyl windows. Moreover, even fingernail scraping will make no good! So after you have learnt one lesson for tape residue removal and it is just the right time to present you the real method.

Before you get down to business, make sure that you have everything required for the process:

  • Get a cleaner (either choose a chemical one or create a chemicals free with the help of home used white vinegar)
  • Take a pair of rubber or latex gloves
  • Fill a bucket with water so that you do not run back and force to the tap
  • Have a mild soap or detergent for cleaning
  • Take paper towels or soft cloths to dry everything in the end

Steps to Remove the Stickiness

  1. First of all think of your safety and take on your rubber or latex gloves to protect hands from harsh chemicals.
  2. Then Ajax vinyl window replacement experts advise to apply the cleaner either to the cloth first (so that you do not overuse the cleaner); however, they also say that you can apply it directly to the vinyl bench.
  3. Now simply wipe the windows thoroughly in order to remove all sticky residue.
  4. Then you can very gently (!) scrub the surface if needed. Make sure that the finish does not become damaged.
  5. Now use water with soap and soft cloth to clean away any remaining product with soap.
  6. Take clean water and simply rinse thoroughly the windows.
  7. And finally, take paper towels or dry soft cloth to dry your vinyl windows completely.

As you can see, removing tape residue from windows should not be a stressful and repulsive process. Just make sure that you follow all steps described above. Should you have any questions about this topic you can always contact Ajax vinyl windows replacement experts and ask all the questions you are worried about so that you make no harm to your new vinyl windows.

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