What is Window Casing?

What is Window Casing?
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As a homeowner, you may have heard the term window casing. However, do you really know what this means, and what its uses are?

When it comes to windows, most people will prioritize the frame. However, there is a lesser talked about and equally important part: the window casing.

Everything You Need to Know About Window Casing

Read on to learn everything you need to know about window casings, and how to choose the best options for your home.

What is Window Casing?

Window casing is a solid structure that encases the window frames. It has both interior and exterior parts serving different functions. The internal window casing structure adds finishing touches to a room on the inside and creates a unified look with the baseboards and door mouldings. On the other hand, the exterior casing suits the general exterior design of the building.

Window casings primarily keep cold and hot air out, among other functions we’ll discuss.

What is Window Casing Made from?

Window casings are made from either wood or vinyl. Most homeowners go for wood casings, as they have a classier look to them. However, vinyl casings are often more durable and slightly cheaper.

Ultimately, it is a matter of choice. Select the option that will go best with the rest of your interior design, and that you can easily afford.

What is the Difference Between Window Casing and Trim?

The confusion arises from the fact that contractors often use casing and trim interchangeably. Ultimately, however, the two terms aren’t the same.

Trim refers to the millwork and moulding used to frame everything from doors, floors, ceilings and of course, windows. Window casing is therefore a type of trim.

The Different Types of Window Casing

So, what kinds of window casings do you have to choose from? The kind of casing you choose should fit your style preferences and your budget. Keep that in mind when going through these options:

Complete Casing

Complete casings are mouldings that cover your windows on all four sides. They may consist of only one layer of plain moulding or several layers of stacked mouldings that frame the windows. If a homeowner wants to add intricate and attractive aesthetics to their window, investing in many layers of moulding is the ideal option.

Additionally, inside casings go well with the interior mouldings throughout the rest of your house. You do not have to worry about out-of-place looking windows.

Low Profile Casing

Low-profile casing sits flat against your home's siding or the interior walls, and is mostly functional rather than decorative. It gives your home a finished appearance and helps in connecting the window to the rest of the building visually.

Low-profile casing keeps warm, heated air inside the house while preventing cold air from entering. The cost per foot for simple single-layer casings is around $5.

High Profile Casing

A high-profile enclosure is a good choice if you want something with adaptable features. This option can either cover a portion of the window or the whole thing. Additionally, if you want a window casing that has already been assembled, this model is ready to use and does not need professional installation.

Aside from that, they are simple to use and can be combined into many units, which is useful if you want to bulk them up. Ultimately, it provides an aesthetic that complements vintage and classically designed structures.

Simply styled casings cost at least $10, although there are a variety of price points for this kind of casing. However, you will need to research the cost at your neighbourhood hardware store if you want something with extra layers and elaborate decorations.

Modern Casing

Do you prefer minimalist design with sleek, sharp lines? Modern casings may then be your best choice.

This simple casing style will match the material of the rest of the window, blending easily with it. The modern casing is thus perfect for homeowners who aren’t sure what they want aesthetically. This style will also work for those who want to renovate their homes afterwards, but are still deciding what aesthetic to go for.

Traditional Casing

Traditional casings are similar to low-profile casings in that they are straightforward in design, work well for older homes, and sit flush against both interior and exterior walls.

They can be constructed from a single layer of wood or composite material, and frequently feature a straightforward design, such as a straightforward stool moulding supported by an apron along the bottom of the window, a slightly protruding header moulding, and perhaps a more ornamental or fluted column design on either side of the window frame.

Although prices vary, you should anticipate paying between $1 and $5 per foot for this kind of casing.

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Why is Window Casing Essential?

Window casings are part of your window’s insulation system. They are crucial for sealing out air from the outside to avoid uncomfortable drafts. Apart from that, window casings also add a finishing touch to your interior design. Windows without casings look bare and odd.

Window casing will also increase the value of your home. If you can’t seem to get the price you want for it, adding window casings to your windows will help do the trick. The casings will also give extra structural support, making the windows last longer.


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