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Top Qualities to Look for in an Interior Sliding Door

Adding an interior sliding door between your main living area and a sun room can really open up the space and provide a beautiful view. The area off the sun room will appear larger and more inviting, and you'll enjoy the lovely view leading out to your sitting area and then the area around your home.

To really maximize the benefits you get from an interior sliding door, you will need to shop carefully. Here are the top qualities you should look for in an interior sliding door:

Attractive Design

An interior sliding door can be more than just a giant piece of glass. It can have beautiful trim, handles, and other embellishments that enhance its design.

Choose a design that best matches the decor of your home. Just stay away from trends unless you want to renovate your home every five to 10 years. Choose a classic design that will complement your home and will stand the test of time.


Some sliding doors have wood or aluminum frames that can rot, warp or rust. Not only does this create a maintenance nightmare, but it also undermines the look and efficiency of the door.

Choose interior sliding doors that have durable stiles and rails, such as PVC or vinyl. These doors will not warp or corrode, which means that you won't spend a lot of time and money maintaining and repairing the doors. The doors will also have a longer life span, so you won't have to spend a lot of money replacing them in a short time.

Energy Efficiency

Glass is not typically an energy-efficient material. However, some interior sliding doors are made to be energy-efficient either by using an extra layer of glass or by using warp-resistant frames. Having more than one layer of glass creates an invisible layer of insulation for your home. Having warp-resistant frames ensures that the fit remains stable and does not allow air to leak out. 

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