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“Standard Window Measurement” for My Home’s Replacement Windows

You’d like to invest in new windows for your home, but people keep asking if your current ones are standard sizes. Frankly you don’t know. The current windows were in place when you bought the house and it never occurred to you ask. Even if some of them are not standard sizes, you can still moved forward with the replacement project. Here are a few things that you and the right contractor can decide. 

Understanding the Concept of Standard Windows and Doors 

When someone is talking about standard size windows and doors, they are referring to measurements that are used for the mass production of those products. There is no such thing as a single standard measurement. Instead, there is a standard for each window style and each door design. 

How Do I Know If My Home Has Standard Windows and Doors? 

Home built from the mid-20th century on are likely to include the use of standard doors and windows. Older homes that have been renovated may or may not favor the use of custom rather than standard windows and doors. Even so, there will be exceptions no matter when your home was constructed. 

The only way to know for sure is have a professional measure the current windows and see what previous builders chose to do. One option is that every window in your home is a perfect match for the standard window measurement associated with the window style. Another possibility is that some but not all of the windows are standard sizes. This is often the case when a room was added to the structure or a previous owner chose to update only a portion of the windows.

The final possibility is that your home has all the original windows and every one of them was custom crafted. They may be close in terms of matching the windows dimensions standard, but they tend to differ slightly in terms of height and width. The difference may not be enough for most people to notice, particularly when the window dressing is in place. 

What Can Be Done?

If you don’t have standard windows and doors, replacing them is not impossible. Depending on how much difference there is in sizing, it may be possible to alter the home so a standard size fits properly. For example, it may be necessary to built up or pare down the window framing so that it will accommodate a standard size. Once the alterations are made, you can choose any of the window designs you like, go with the more affordable standard models, and enjoy all the benefits that come with installing new windows and doors.

Now is the ideal time to get started with this project. Contact a contractor and discuss what you have in mind. Set a date for the professional to inspect the current windows and doors. That inspection will include taking measurements of each one. It won’t take long to determine if standard windows will work or if there will be the need to make a few changes in order to achieve the desired fit. Once those details are settled, choose the design you like best, order the windows and get ready to enjoy your home’s freshened look.

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