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Safety First: The Dangers of Windows for Kids

According to data released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 5,000 kids are injured each year as a result of falling out of a window. What is even more shocking is that over 80% of these incidents involved screened windows. Below are some great tips to help secure your home’s windows and keep your children safe.

1. Install Window Locks

The simplest way to prevent kids from opening windows and injuring themselves is to keep opening windows locked when they are not being used. This can be done by installing dedicated window locks, which are available for most types of opening windows. If you have locks but have lost the keys for them, it is possible to replace the lock barrels so that new keys can fit them. This will prevent windows from being opened more than a few inches at most.

2. Fit Childproof Window Guards

These are grille-like protectors that can be fitted to almost any sized window and have been proven to be one of the most effective devices for keeping windows safe for kids. When purchasing these guards, it’s important to request child-safe options, as these will have smaller spaces between the bars than those that have been designed for general security purposes. Most government and safety agencies recommend window guards over other types of safety features because they are difficult for kids to open, but can easily be opened by adults in case of emergency.

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3. Don’t Place Furniture Near Windows

As soon as they learn to crawl and walk, most young kids go on to become notorious climbers. While this may be a good trait for them to have in order to build their strength and confidence, it can get them into quite a bit of trouble and it would be disastrous if it causes them to fall out of a window. Keeping furniture such as beds, chairs, dressers, bookshelves and tables away from windows will help prevent them from being used as stepping stones to accessing a window.

4. Avoid Using Blinds with Cords or Keep them Out of Reach 

Too many kids are accidentally strangled by blind cords each year. If you have to use blinds that work with cords, ensure that these are kept well out of the reach of a curious child, or better still, opt for blinds or other window covering that don’t make use of any cords whatsoever.

Whether you have children of your own or ones that may visit your home, it is of the upmost importance that their safety is assured by securing your windows. If you’re in doubt over how to do so for your style of windows, be sure to consult with an expert before starting your project. Using preventative measures against accidents is the best way to ensure your kids are kept safe.

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