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The Role of Argon Gas in Insulation

The Role of Argon Gas in Insulation

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Although double-glazed windows have performed a great job of insulating homes over the years, window panes that have been filled with argon gas have proven to be extremely effective as well. There are many ways in which argon gas is beneficial when it comes to window insulation.

#1 – How Argon Gas Works

Adding argon gas to the captive air in double or triple-paned windows helps improve the efficiency level of thermal insulation. If it is used alongside Low-E glass coatings, it can help bring the temperature of the window in question closer to that which is currently experienced in the room that the panes have been installed in. This helps eliminate drafts that may occur when colder outside air meets with warmer indoor air.

#2 – Improved Insulating Properties

One of the main benefits of having argon-filled panes installed by a window company is that they provide a level of insulation which is far superior to that of regular air-filled panes. This makes them idea for use in colder climates where every bit of property insulation counts. Argon is denser than air, which is just one reason why home owners should consider using them when having window replacement performed.

#3 – Can Reduce Noise Levels

Home owners who are unfortunate enough to live close to busy highways or other areas where a lot of external noise is experienced can benefit tremendously from using argon-filled vinyl windows. These window panes are known to block out more noise from external sources than other types, making them ideal for anyone who sleeps lightly as a result of being awoken by external noises. This can also work the other way round in that if anyone makes an excessive amount of noise indoors, it won’t disturb the neighbors – provided that windows are kept closed.

#4 – Prevent Frost and Condensation from Forming

In addition to being an excellent insulator, argon gas can help prevent condensation and frost from forming on the bottom edges of windows. However, these windows will need to be inspected periodically to ensure that the gas has not leaked out from between the panes. If condensation has formed between argon-filled panes and it doesn’t seem to dissipate, it normally means that the argon has leaked out. Although window replacement will need to be done if this happens, argon windows are now more affordable than they were previously.

#5 – Expert Installation Essential

As with vinyl windows, it is recommended that argon windows be fitted by a company that is reputable and that makes use of experienced installers. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is a window company that only installs the best quality products according to the highest possible industry standards.

If you are a property owner who is considering having replacement vinyl windows installed and you would like to explore the possibility of using argon-filled glass panes, our team will be more than happy to provide you with further information. Feel free to contact our experienced and qualified team of installers today.

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