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Popular Window Styles for Your Vaughan Home in 2020

You’ve decided that 2020 will definitely be the year you replace those older residential windows. The question now is what window design would work best for your home. Several designs are being hailed as popular choices for 2020. Consider these closely and you may find that one of them is exactly what you want. 

Single and Double Hung Windows

The traditional look will remain popular in the coming year. For your new windows in Pickering, nothing says traditional than single or double hung windows. If you are not familiar with the terms, single hung windows include one sash that is permanently fixed in place and a second one that can be opened or closed. Most people prefer the bottom sash to be movable while the top is fixed.

Double hung windows include two sashes that can be moved. This works well if you would like to use a window treatment to cover the lower sash for privacy and open the top sash to let in fresh air. 

A tilt feature can be included in each of these designs. You’ll find that particularly helpful if you have a home with more than one story. Instead of having to get out the ladder when it’s time to wash the windows, the tilt feature will allow you to clean the exterior side of the glass while you are safely inside. 


Sliding windows are considered more contemporary but will work with older homes. From the outside, a sliding window with two sashes blends in nicely. The real value has to do with the ease of operation. People who have trouble lifting and lowering sashes can often manage sliding sashes along a track with greater ease. 

If this solution for new windows in Vaughan appeals to you, consider going with what is known as a sliding tilt window. This design allows you to open each sash inward as well as slide it to the left and right. You’ll find the tilt feature helpful for washing windows since you won’t have to go outside.

Casement Windows With Cranks 

There was a time when casement windows with cranks were considered to be old-fashioned. They still fit in nicely if you are going for a mid-20th century look, but they also work with contemporary designs as well. Consider a casement window that allows you to crank windows outward vertically. This makes it easier to take advantage of side breezes and create cross-ventilation during the spring and autumn months. 

Awning Windows 

Next to single and double hung windows, awning windows in Markham are always favorites. These are secured to the top of the frame with hardware and swing outward from the bottom. Just as casement window designs sometimes include cranks, there awning windows that come with the same feature. Consider tinting the glass for privacy while still being able to open the window slightly to let in fresh air. 

Talk with a contractor about the designs and features people currently like and which styles will remain popular in the coming year. After considering what each design would provide in terms of function and curb appeal, it will be easy to make the right choice.

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