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Keeping a Healthy Airflow in Your Home with New Windows

Air Duct Cleaning

How healthy is the air you breathe? If you have old windows and haven’t had a proper vent cleaning in years, the answer might make you uncomfortable. Dust and allergens get into a home on a regular basis. Over time, they build up in a house’s vents. In particularly dry months or during winters, this can lead to more allergies and colds. If you want to keep the air in your household clean and healthy, you should make sure that you have high-efficiency windows and that you get a professional vent cleaning every few years.

How to Prevent Pollutants 

The reason why you need periodic duct cleaning services and other measures to keep your home clean is that you can’t stop dust and allergens from entering the home. You can, however, take steps to limit the number of pollutants which come into your system. Installing new vinyl windows, for example, helps you to limit what comes in from the outside, especially during the fall and winter. Taking care of specific trouble areas, such as engaging in regular dryer vent cleaning, can reduce the amount of dust that enters the ducts within your home. Finally, don’t be afraid to inspect your ducts yourself from time to time. A visual inspection can let you know when it is time for proper duct cleaning.

 How Do New Windows Help?

 You should have a list of air duct cleaning companies in your area ahead of time so you can choose one whose service will help you the most. At the same time, the quality of your windows has a role in determining how much dust gets in and out of your home. Vinyl windows create a total seal around the glass, preventing allergens from getting carried into the house through air leaks. Even in the springtime when allergens tend to be at their highest concentration, good windows combined with a fine screen can prevent large particles from getting inside even if you let a breeze into your home. If your house has a lot of air leaks due to inefficient windows, you will need to rely on duct cleaning services much more frequently. 

Potential Energy Savings 

Windows and ducts do more than just control the flow of dust and allergens into your home—they also help your home remain energy efficient. For heating and air conditioning to function at their highest levels, they need a household that is devoid of air leaks and which can allow a clear and unblocked airflow to every room. Windows that have air leaks allow heated or cooled air outside and lead to the outdoor temperature dictating your energy costs. Dirty air ducts obstruct the flow of treated air, rendering temperature control systems less efficient. Clearly, both windows and air ducts should be in top working condition in order to help you keep your energy costs low. 

For reasons of both health and financial benefit, you should keep your windows up to date and your air ducts well-cleaned. The former can be accomplished for years by installing new windows, and the latter can be handled with a simple duct cleaning every few years.

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