How Long Does it Take to Install Replacement Windows & How Will it Change My Home?

Window Replacement in Richmond Hill
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Congratulations on deciding to replace all your residential windows. You’ll find that new windows in Richmond Hill will make a big difference in more ways than one.

You probably have some questions about how windows companies go about handling new window installations. For example, how long with the installation take? What can you expect once the new vinyl windows replacement is completed? Here are some of the basics that you should understand. 

Selecting Your New Windows and Placing the Order

The first leg of the installment process involves ordering your replacement windows. Once you decide on the design and the materials, the contractor will conduct measurements to determine if your windows are standard sizes or if some of them will have to be customized. Even if you have some standard windows and others that are a little larger or smaller, the better windows companies in the area can ensure every one of those windows in Richmond Hill are the right fit.

If the contractor finds that all the windows you need are in standard sizes, expect it to take anywhere from four to eight weeks for them to arrive. Should you need custom sizes, expect it to take at least an additional two weeks. The contractor will keep you up to date on how the order is progressing and let you know when the windows arrive. That will make it easier to determine if the projected date for the vinyl windows replacement is still good, or if there’s a need to select a new one.

Removing the Old Windows

When there are no complications, it’s possible to remove the older windows in Richmond Hill and have the new ones in position quickly. A good rule of thumb is to allow 30 minutes for each of the replacement windows to be secured in position. Depending on the number of windows you have in the home, it’s possible to have the actual replacement completed in a day or two. For example, if your home has a total of 20 windows, that would mean ten hours of labor, along with some time to setting up and hauling away the older windows in between.

Keep in mind that the older windows may or may not come out easily. In addition, there may be some structural issues that are not detectable before the old frame is out of the way. If that’s the case, then the contractor overseeing the replacement of those older Richmond Hill windows will need to spend additional time on each of the windows. Depending on the nature of the issue, it could take two or more days to replace all the windows.

Making Any Minor Adaptations to the New Windows

Along with uncovering issues with the structure itself, there may be the need for more customizing of one or more of your new Richmond Hill windows. Perhaps there’s one corner of the opening that’s a little off. For the most part, the new window sets in the opening perfectly, but that one corner will need additional sealing.

Experts who work for windows companies are prepared for these types of issues. They will know how to ensure your new windows in Richmond Hill are properly secured and perfectly tight.

Remember that minor customizing that takes place at the job site is often simple. This is especially true when you opted for a vinyl windows replacement rather than going with metal windows. While the customizing may slow things down a bit, you can still expect those replacement windows to be positioned and sealed in a matter of days.

Testing the New Windows

Professionals do not consider any project involving replacement windows to be complete until each window undergoes a series of tests. Some of them are focused on window function while others are designed to make sure the windows are security in place.

Expect an expert to examine each of those new windows in Richmond Hill carefully. They will be opened and closed to ensure they do not stick and will open with ease. The professional will also examine the locks and make sure they are working properly. Even little things like making sure the glazing around the glass panes is even and smooth will be part of the process.

The framework supporting those new Richmond Hill windows will also be examined. Just as the contractor will check for minor gaps between sashes, there’s also the need to ensure there are no cracks or gaps around the window frames. It’s only after the professional determines that each window is working as it should and it’s properly mounted and sealed that the installation is considered finished.

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What Those New Windows Mean For Your Home

Once the vinyl windows replacement is completed, they’ll change your home in several key ways. Many of them you will notice immediately. Others will become more apparent as time passes.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how those replacement windows improve the look of the home. Even without making any other changes, the exterior will look more attractive. Expect the neighbours to notice too, and make comments about how your home looks so much better.

The difference is not just apparent from the outside. Windows that have seen better days also impact the look of each room. You’ll notice that the new windows add a little something to the look and the feel of every room of the home.

Don’t overlook the energy savings those new windows provide. The tighter seals and lack of air seepage will make it much easier to heat and cool the home. Along with feeling more comfortable in your space, the fact that it takes less energy to control the temperature indoors will be reflected on those lower monthly utility bills.

Remember the careful installations done by reputable windows companies indirectly helps extend the years homeowners get from their heating and cooling systems. With less work needed to keep the interior at the desired temperature, you can expect fewer repairs, easier maintenance and more years from the existing system.

The several weeks it takes from ordering to the final installation of your new windows in Richmond Hill will be worth every minute. By choosing one of the better windows companies in the area, you can depend on those new Richmond Hill windows to look great, perform at optimum efficiency, and be an asset to the home for many years to come.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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