5 Best Window Replacement Companies in Hamilton

5 Best Window Replacement Companies in Hamilton
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When it's time to replace your home's windows and doors in Hamilton, choosing the right company to install them is key. With so many options to consider, it can be overwhelming trying to find a window and door company that offers quality products, professional window installation, and great customer service.

To make your search easier, we've compared and reviewed the top window and door replacement companies in Hamilton based on reputation, product selection, warranties, pricing, and more. Here are the top companies to contact and consider for your next window or door replacement project:

Comparison Table of the Top Hamilton Window Replacement Companies

Company Best For Features Price Range Homestars Rating Google Rating
1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors Overall Best Wide product selection, customizable, professional installation $$$ 9.4/10 4.8/5
2. QSI Windows & Doors Vinyl Windows Energy efficient vinyl windows, awnings, casements $$ 9.3/10 4.7/5
3. Panorama Windows & Doors Fiberglass Windows High-quality fiberglass, bay windows $$$ 10/10 4.9/5
4. Nordik Windows & Doors Budget Option Affordable prices, flexible financing $ 8/10 4.2/5
5. Beverley Hills Windows Best Warranty Lifetime warranty on windows $$ 8.8/10 4.5/5

How We Evaluated the Companies

We looked at several factors to compare and rank the top window and door companies in Hamilton:

  • Product selection - Types of windows offered (vinyl, wood, fiberglass, etc.), customization options, door styles
  • Reputation - Reviews and ratings on sites like HomeStars and Google
  • Experience - Years in business and number of installations completed
  • Warranties - Length and terms of warranties on windows and labor
  • Customer service - Responsiveness, transparency, and professionalism
  • Pricing - Overall value and price ranges

By evaluating these key criteria, we identified the companies that consistently offer high-quality products, stand behind their work, have satisfied customers, and provide good value.

1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is our pick for the best overall window and door company in Hamilton. In business for over 25 years, they are known for excellent customer service, quality installations, and a wide selection of customizable window and door options.

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Canadian Choice offers over 40 styles of vinyl windows. Their insert windows allow you to replace just the sashes without altering the house or existing window frame. Custom options like stained wood interior and exterior vinyl color let you match your home's aesthetics.


Entry doors come in steel, fiberglass, and wood styles. Patio door selections include sliding and French door models. You can choose custom colors and hardware.


  • Wide selection of window & door styles
  • Customizable options like wood stain colors
  • Professional certified installers
  • Good warranties on windows and labor


  • Premium products come at a higher price point
  • Limited budget/basic model options

Price Range

Canadian Choice windows have premium prices starting at around $500 per window installed. Patio doors start around $2,500 installed.

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2. QSI Windows & Doors

QSI Windows & Doors

Site: www.qsiwindows.com

Known for excellent vinyl window replacements, QSI Windows & Doors has served Hamilton homeowners since 1979. They focus on energy-efficient vinyl products and have installed over 85,000 new windows locally.


QSI offers vinyl casement, awning, slider, and specialty windows. Vinyl stands up well to Hamilton's climate and is an affordable option. Many models meet ENERGY STAR standards.


Entry door styles include steel and fiberglass options. Patio doors come in vinyl or wood french swing and sliding styles.


  • Strong reputation locally for quality vinyl windows
  • Energy efficient, durable vinyl products
  • Competitive pricing on vinyl windows


  • Less selection for other materials like wood or fiberglass
  • Limited customization options

Price Range

Vinyl replacement windows start around $400 installed. Basic patio doors start at around $1,800 installed.

3. Panorama Windows & Doors

Panorama Windows & Doors

Site: panoramawindows.ca

Specializing in fiberglass windows new doors, Panorama Windows & Doors is a top choice for state-of-the-art window replacements. They offer advanced glass options and serve both residential and commercial clients.


Panorama focuses on premium fiberglass windows with options like triple pane glass, inert gas filled, and fiberglass exterior. Fibreglass is durable and more energy-efficient windows.


Steel and fiberglass styles available for entry and patio doors. Can be customized.


  • Expertise in high-end fiberglass windows
  • Advanced glass options like triple pane
  • Good for soundproofing and energy savings


  • Fibreglass is one of the more expensive window materials
  • Limited budget vinyl options

Price Range

Fibreglass windows start around $700 installed for a basic model. Expect to pay $3,000+ for high-end windows.

4. Nordik Windows & Doors

Nordik Windows & Doors

Site: nordik.com

Nordik Windows & Doors has over 40 years of experience serving Hamilton homeowners. They offer a range of vinyl and wood windows and doors at budget-friendly price points.


Vertical and horizontal vinyl sliders, casements, awnings, and fixed windows available. Also offer basic wood windows for a natural look.


Steel and fiberglass entry doors. Vinyl or wood patio doors in sliding and swing and french doors and styles.


  • More affordable than other companies
  • Good selection of basic vinyl windows
  • Flexible financing options available


  • Smaller selection of premium products
  • Less customization available

Price Range

Basic vinyl windows around $300 installed. Entry doors start at $1200 installed. Vinyl patio doors are around $2000.

5. Beverley Hills Windows

Beverley Hills Windows

Site: www.beverleyhillshome.com

Family-owned and operated for over 45 years, Beverley Hills Windows provides Hamilton with custom windows, doors, and sunrooms. Known for excellent warranties and customer satisfaction.


Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows available in a wide range of styles and custom sizes. Also, provide sunrooms.


Steel, wood, and fiberglass entry and patio doors. Can be customized.


  • Longstanding local business since 1977
  • Good reputation for custom work
  • Industry leading lifetime warranty


  • More limited selection than big box stores
  • Can be pricier for basic models

Price Range

Vinyl windows start around $500 installed. Expect to pay $2,500+ for custom wood windows.

Why Quality Windows and Doors Matter

Replacing your home's windows and doors is an important investment that can make a big difference in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics. Here are some of the benefits of choosing high-performance windows and doors:

  • Energy Savings - Well-insulated modern windows with features like double or triple pane glass drastically reduce heat loss and lower energy bills.
  • Noise Reduction - Multiple panes of glass and tight seals cut down on outside noise pollution entering the home.
  • Durability - Materials like vinyl, wood, and fiberglass hold up well to Canada's weather compared to old drafty single-pane windows.
  • Improved Function - New patio doors slide smoothly. Hardware works better on modern casement windows.
  • Security - Upgrading to stronger window and door locks improves home security.
  • Curb Appeal - Replacing outdated designs improves your home's look and adds property value.

Choosing the right window and door company ensures proper window installation and the best products for your home and budget. The expertise of an experienced local company versus big box stores makes a big difference in getting it done right.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Company

Here are the most important things to look for when selecting a window and door company for your Hamilton home:

  • Products - Look for brands with a strong reputation for quality and energy efficiency. Find styles that suit your home's look.
  • Expertise - Choose an experienced local company familiar with building codes and requirements in Hamilton.
  • Customer Service - Get quotes from companies responsive to your needs and who answer all questions.
  • Reviews - Check independent reviews and ratings on sites like HomeStars.
  • Warranties - Opt for companies that stand behind their products and workmanship.
  • Certifications - Look for installers certified by the Window Wise program.
  • Price - Get quotes from 3 companies. Look for value, not prices.

Things to Avoid

While there are many excellent window and door replacement companies to choose from, you'll also want to beware of these common issues:

  • High-Pressure Sales - Beware of companies using overly pushy sales tactics or trying to pressure you into buying that day. Reputable companies won't rush you.
  • Outdated Products - Avoid companies still selling outdated single pane windows or doors with poor insulation. Go for ENERGY STAR.
  • Lack of Proper Licensing - Use companies registered with the Better Business Bureau and look for required licenses.
  • Overpayment - Get at least 3 quotes to avoid overpaying. Remember cheaper isn't always better either.
  • Limited Warranties - Don't choose companies that won't stand behind their products or workmanship after installation.
  • No References - Ask companies for local references and examples of past work before hiring them.


Replacing your home's windows and doors with energy efficient models can make your home more comfortable, quiet, secure, and attractive for years to come. Companies like Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, QSI Windows & Doors, Panorama Windows, Nordik Windows, and Beverley Hills Windows are leading options known for great products, fair pricing, and quality installation services.

Be sure to consider factors like selection, expertise, certifications, warranties, and customer service when choosing the right company for the job for your next window or door replacement project. Investing in new high-performance windows and doors from a reputable Hamilton company will upgrade your living space and increase the value of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an initial consultation with a window company involve?

The initial in-home or virtual consultation is your chance to get professional advice tailored to your home. The company will evaluate your existing windows, take measurements, discuss options, and provide a quote for recommended products and installation.

What kinds of products and services do window replacement companies offer?

Window companies offer a full range of replacement windows like vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass models. Most also install patio doors, entry doors, and custom glass options. Additional services can include window cleaning, repairs, storm windows, awnings and more.

How can I get expert advice on choosing new windows?

Set up consultations with a few recommended local companies from the Window Dealers Association to get expert advice. They can explain the differences between materials, features like energy-efficient glass, provide options suitable for your home's style and recommend products that will save on energy costs.

How can new windows and doors improve my home?

New window and door replacements make homes more energy-efficient, comfortable, quiet, secure and beautiful. Key benefits include better insulation, noise reduction, durability and functionality. New products improve energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

What are some tips for saving money on my window replacement project?

Tips for savings include:

  • Get quotes from at least 3 reputable companies to compare pricing
  • Consider vinyl or fiberglass for affordable durability
  • Look for off-season discounts if timing is flexible
  • Only replace windows in poor condition, keep others
  • Use rebates and tax credits for energy-efficient upgrades

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