What is the Best Window for Vancouver Weather?

What is the Best Window for Vancouver Weather?
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Living in Vancouver means the opportunity to experience weather that changes significantly from season to season. At times, events occur that are toward the more extreme end of the weather spectrum. During any given year, the summers may bring blistering heat and lots of sunshine. Other seasons may bring quite a bit of rain. When it comes to snow in the winter, you may get to see a winter wonderland or there may be the need to deal with a blizzard.

The bottom line is that the weather must be taken into account when you make any sort of home improvement. That definitely applies when it comes to replacing your home’s windows. Given the many choices found in the windows market in Vancouver, you may not be sure how to select the best ones for your home. Here are some tips that will help you choose new windows that will work well during all the variations in Vancouver’s weather.

Choosing the Right Frame Materials

Knowing when to replace windows is only the beginning. There’s the need to consider what sort of window materials would work best given the weather conditions associated with each season. In the case of Vancouver, you’re talking about a climate that tends to be somewhat milder than other parts of Canada. It’s been described as almost having a Mediterranean feel for most of the year. Even so, you can expect snow during the colder months and possibly rain in just about all of the seasons.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to consider window frame materials that perform well in a variety of weather conditions. One option that you may not have considered is vinyl. The quality of vinyl used today is highly resistant to heat and cold. It also offers quite a bit of moisture resistance. Vinyl will go a long way toward keeping the home at a comfortable temperature no matter what’s going on outside.

Going With the Best Window Glass

If you have an older home, it may be outfitted with single pane glass. This is definitely a choice that you don’t want to repeat when you replace those aging windows. A better way to go is to consider what’s called double or triple pane glass.

Single pane glass offers little in the way of insulation. By comparison double pane glass provides a more effective barrier from the heat and cold. It’s not just the two panes of glass that do the trick; different brands of double pane glass include a clear gas between the two panes. That boosts the insulation without interfering with the ability to see out or to let sunlight inside.

If double pane glass is good, does that mean triple pane would be better? This is a question you’ll need to take up with the contractor. There may be a reason to go with triple pane glass in Vancouver, but the more likely scenario is that double pane glass will be fine for your replacement windows installation.

Paying Attention to the Glass Coating You Choose

Many people think of glass coatings as a way to protect the glass from breaking and to prevent substances from sticking. The result is that it’s easier to keep the windows clean. What you may not realize is that there’s one more benefit that’s important.

The right type of glass coating helps to boost the insulation qualities that the glass already provides. Combine the right glass with a quality coating and there’s no doubt your energy bills will be lower. To get some idea of what the type of coating that would work best, have a word with the team at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. They can recommend a product that’s sure to work well for a long time.

Considering Window Tinting

Would it be helpful to consider a window tint Vancouver for your windows? A lot depends on your personal preferences, although there are other reason to consider tinting. The right type of tint can be helpful in providing more privacy. That could be a plus if your home is situated closely to other houses in the neighborhood. Essentially, the tint would allow you to look out but make it difficult for others to look inside, especially during the day.

Tints can also reduce glare. That can be helpful in rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight. The best product helps to reduce fading due to sunlight exposure and also makes it easier for you to sit anywhere you like without having to deal with glare.

And Including Screens in the Mix

There’s no doubt that investing in window screens Vancouver should be part of the planning. Screens come in handy during moderate weather, since you can open the windows and allow fresh air into the home without having to worry about anything else getting through the open space. During storms, the screens provide a measure of protection from anything that the wind might bring to the windows. Even if the screens are damaged, the fact they absorb most of the blow reduces the potential of damage to the window glass.

You Do Have Options for the Window Style

Preparing for a window replacement Vancouver does mean settling on a style. The good news is that most styles do lend themselves well to the changing seasons. Take a look at some of the styles for luxury windows Vancouver and see what fits in with your home design. You’re sure to find at least a few styles that will work.

The Energy Rating Always Matters

Do pay close attention to the energy ratings for those windows. A superior rating translates into greater energy efficiency. There’s also a better chance that the windows will qualify for a BC hydro window rebate that helps to offset some of the cost for each new window. It doesn’t hurt that a better rating also means it will be easier to maintain the temperature inside that you prefer.

Do Take the Cost into Consideration

The total cost for the replacement window pricing is something that you should think about. A contractor can determine if standard sized windows will work for your home. If so, it will be easy to obtain a cost for each one, plus the labor. While you don’t want to skimp on quality in order to keep the price low, be realistic about how much you can spend. If a window style that is highly energy efficient is more affordable than a different one you were considering, opting for the lower-priced style is fine.

The point of replacing the windows in your home is to improve the look of the place, provide greater functionality and security, and make it easier to control the temperature indoors. Pay close attention to what sort of windows Vancouver will provide you with all three of these benefits. Doing so will mean you’ll be equally comfortable whether there’s a blizzard going on outside or the temperatures are soaring.


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