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Benefits of Installing a Single Hung Window in Your Home

A single hung window is a design that includes one moving sash. Typically, the lower sash will move up and down while the top sash is permanently fixed in place. When you are thinking about replacing all the windows in your home, the contractor is likely to ask if you prefer double hung or single hung. Before you answer, take a moment and learn more about the advantages that come with single hung windows. 

Lower Purchase Cost Per Window

A simpler window design usually means fewer moving parts. That’s certainly true with single hung windows in Vaughan. No hardware is needed for the top sash since it will remain in the same position. That only leaves including the mechanism needed to move the bottom sash up and down. You’ll find that the cost of a single hung window will be anywhere from 10% to 25% less expensive than a double hung window. When you are replacing all the windows in your home, that can add up to a tidy savings.

A Long Life 

Windows of all types are intended to last for decades. With a single hung window, you can look forward to many years of service because there are less moving parts. Even allowing for some repairs or replacements to the hardware that keeps the bottom sash working properly, there is no reason why the new windows won’t last the rest of your life. 

Windows and Home Security 

Have you considered how a single hung window provides a little more security for the home? With other window designs, including the double hung window, a burglar could conceivably have a better opportunity to get through the window, grab whatever is possible, and then be out of the house before the police could arrive. 

Compare that with what happens if you have single hung windows in the home. There is nothing on the outside to help the burglar tell if the window is a single or double hung. That means a few more seconds determining what sort of window must be breached. Even then, it will be more difficult to get through the lower sash, especially if you have shrubs close to the house exterior. Every second that the intruder is delayed means more time for your security system to notify the authorities and have them show up before the burglar can get away. 

An Energy Efficient Solution 

Single hung windows today are typically made using double pane glass. That helps to minimize the transference of heat and cold between the outside and the home interior. Since there is only one moving sash, there are also fewer points where the window materials can wear down and begin to allow drafts to develop. These factors combine to ensure it takes less energy to heat and cool your home. Over the years, you stand to save quite a bit of money on energy costs alone.

These are only a few of the benefits offered by single hung windows. To learn more, call a contractor and arrange for a home visit. After inspecting the condition of your current windows, the professional will be happy to help you explore the merits of this window design. Once you know how much the windows will do for you, choosing the right replacement windows will be easy.

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