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Winter Window Problems and their Fixes

The temperature is already starting to drop in Newmarket, and you are likely dusting off your winter jackets and your scarves. You are probably also starting to turn up the thermostat in your home and pull out the heavier blankets. As we move deeper into winter, you will keep piling on the layers and will start turning the heater higher and lighting fires.

Just how high you have to turn the thermostat is directly related to both how cold it is outside and how effectively your windows are performing. Old, damaged or inefficient windows can make it harder for you to maintain a consistent temperature in your home and can cost you thousands more in energy bills over the years.

Vinyl window replacements are the best choice for your home since they minimize or eliminate these common issues. Here are a few winter window problems you might experience with information on how to fix them:


Over time, metal and wooden windows can become warped as a result of exposure to moisture, whether in the form of humidity, rain or snow. You may not even notice that the windows have become warped. However, even slight shifts in the shape of the frame can significantly undermine the performance of the window. You will lose a lot of warm air, and a lot of cool air will be let inside.

Unfortunately, you can't just pop the frame back into place. If your windows have become warped, they need to be replaced. Vinyl windows are the best choice since they will not warp, even after repeated exposure to vinyl.


When windows are installed, the entire frame is sealed to ensure that no air passes between the tiny cracks that are left where the frame meets the house. Over time, this sealant can break down, allowing air to escape.

Before the season begins, it is important that you thoroughly inspect your windows to ensure that there are no cracks or leaks. Use the right grade of caulk to re-seal any of the leaks. Doing so will ensure that your home does not lose heat and increase your energy costs.

However, even if leaks are sealed, you may still be losing energy with older windows. Vinyl windows offer superior energy efficiency because they include insulated frames and double-paned glass with pockets of gas and air to create greater insulation for your home. You'll notice your energy bills drop significantly once you install vinyl windows, and you'll continue to enjoy those savings all year long.

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