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4 Important Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About Double Pane Windows

Now that you have paid off some debt, you would like to make a few home improvements. One of the first projects that comes to mind is replacing all the windows in your Ottawa home. The contractor who came out to take a look and provide a quote suggests that you go with double pane windows rather than a new set of single pane windows. Before you make up your mind, there are some things you should know about double pane windows in Ottawa and how they will benefit you in the years to come.

What are Double Pane Windows? 

Talk with the contractor about what double pane windows are all about. The professional will tell you that instead of the single pane you have mounted in the frame right now, the double pane style involves mounting at least two panes in that same space. Some designs will include three panes. 

There’s a tiny space in between each pane. That space can be a vacuum or filled with a simple gas. In either case, those new windows in Ottawa will offer more insulating qualities than your older ones. 

No Limit on Style Options 

You may think that finding the right window style and going with double glazed or double pane windows will be difficult. In fact, you will find all sorts of styles for windows in Ottawa that come with this type of pane design. Whether your home is only a couple of decades old or was built in the 19th century, there is a window style that will fit right in with the home design. 

More Protection in Hot or Cold Weather 

Double pane windows do provide more insulation. That means the transference of heat and cold through the glass is reduced. Thanks to this feature, sitting near a window during the heat of summer or the cold of winter will be a more pleasant experience. The lower rate of transference also means it will be easier to maintain the desired temperature inside no matter what sort of weather is happening outside. 

That may not be all that important during the spring and autumn when you tend to open the windows anyway. Rest assured that when the first frost comes and the days begin to cool significantly, you’ll be happy that you went with double pane windows instead of sticking with single panes. 

Lower Utility Costs

It takes energy to heat or cool any home. When you choose to install double pane windows in your Ottawa home, the increased insulation reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Along with being more comfortable, you’ll also notice that your utility bills are lower than they were before. Over the years, that lower energy cost helps to offset your original investment in those new windows.

The bottom line is that double pane windows are great choices for multiple reasons. Talk with the contractor about the style, how long the replacement will take, and obtain a quote. You’ll find that the change will be worth every penny.

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