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3 Top Tips That Will Make You New Window Installation Easier

Now that all the decisions are made about the new residential window installation, it’s time to step back and let the contractor and the crew work their magic. It’s not necessary for you to know all the specifics about how to install windows but it does help to have an idea of what you can do to help the process along. Here are a few tips that will help the crew get the job done.

A Little Yard Work Helps 

The connection between yard work and installing new windows may not be apparent at first, but it does make sense. In order to remove the older windows and install new ones, the crew must be able to reach each window easily. You can help by trimming shrubs and bushes located close to the house. 

This is also a time to put away any lawn furniture, bicycles, or other things that you normally have on the lawn or the patio. The goal is to create work space for the crew that is free of any obstructions. Since they have fewer things to work around as they go about the window replacement, moving a little faster will be easier. 

Remember to Move Things Around Inside

Another one of the more important replacing windows tips is to move some of your furniture so the crew can get to each window from the inside. It’s not just about being able to remove an old window and slide a new one in place. There’s some detail work that muse be done on the inside as well as the outside. Be sure to move tables, chairs, and other furnishings away from the windows. This will make it easier for crew members to come inside and take care of the work quickly.

A Word About Children and Pets 

It’s natural for children and pets to be curious about what’s happening around the house. For safety reasons, you should make sure the kids and any household pets are occupied elsewhere.  

The day set aside for the window installation is a great time to schedule a play date for the kids. Talk with some of the other parents and see who would like to have them over for the day. They will have a lot of fun and there will be no opportunity for them to get too close while the crew is handling the window replacement. 

Consider boarding your pet at a local kennel for the day. This would be a wonderful chance to have the pet bathed and groomed while ensuring the animal does not get too close to the action. 

Remember that some advance planning will make the new window installation go a lot smoother. Talk with the contractor about a few other ways to prepare for the replacement project and put those tips to good use. You’ll find that the effort you make on the front end will pay off in the way of an easy installation and the ability to get things back to normal a lot faster. 

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