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  • High energy efficiency - save up to 23% of your energy bill

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  • No down payment and zero interest for 12 months
  • Extensive transferrable warranty on product and labour
  • Our windows have high thermal efficiency leading to significant savings on energy bills
  • Canadian made high quality vinyl windows
  • Installing new windows for Hamilton residents since 1975

When choosing windows there are certain factors to consider. Style, R-value and U-factor are probably the most important ones so let's look into these in detail. In terms of style modern materials and their low cost allows consumers to have a wide variety of options, from demure and classic to popping colors and interesting shapes. Replacing windows in Hamilton, ON you can choose from dozens of styles, such as casement and awning, sliding tilt and bay & bow, contour series and single hung, end vent and architectural. In terms of color only your imagination is the limit. The R-value is super important as it shows how much heat your windows can retain, therefore showcasing how much money you save. The U-factor reflects how well your window seals in the air inside, preventing leakages between sashes and frames. Depending on your climate, the last factor may be very important (if it's cold and windy).

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