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What Led To the Increasingly Popularity of Casement Windows?

Have you noticed that casement windows seem to be more popular than in previous years? You are seeing them more often with new construction, but that’s not the only place. Homeowners who are replacing older windows are often choosing this particular design for the new windows. What has led to this increased interest in this type of window design. Here are some points to ponder. 

The Simplicity 

One attractive aspect of the basic casement window is that it’s an easy design to operate. Windows of this type are usually two sashes that are mounted side by side and connected to the frame using hinges on the left and right. A lock in the middle ensures the two sashes can be secured when needed. While they can swing in or out. Many contemporary homeowners are opting for sashes that swing in.

Why is this such a practical approach? Hinged windows are less likely to stick than sashes that move up and down. Opening and closing them also requires less upper body strength. For people who are getting a little older, the latter can be a big plus. Even younger people who would rather not spend time tugging up or down on sticking sashes will find this design is to their liking.

The Decorative Elements 

These types of Calgary windows can be simple in appearance or they can add a slight Old World flair to the home. It’s all about what sort of glass you choose to add. Stained glass is certainly an option, but you can also go with decorative etched glass. Don’t overlook opting for what’s known as a farmhouse look using criss-cross bands for a traditional look. Depending on the design of your home, any one of these ideas could add visual interest and still allow a wonderful view when the two sashes are swung open. 

An Energy Efficient Addition to the Home 

Casement style windows are among the more energy efficient designs that homeowners can choose. When closed, there is a tight seal that prevents air seepage between those sashes. Thanks to the tight seal, you will find it easier to heat and cool the home without consuming as much energy. 

The type of glass use for these windows is also a plus. Double and even triple glazed glass is often recommended. This helps to minimize temperature transference through the glass. When you are standing by the closed window, there’s less of a chance to notice a cold spot in winter or a hot spot in summer. That’s another sign that the windows are helping to keep the costs of controlling the temperature indoors lower. 

Are you in the market for new windows? Have you considered what style to use for the replacements? Take the time to learn more about casement windows and what is leading to an increased interest in this once common window design. After taking a look at the advantages and considering the expense, you may find this solution is perfect for you and your home.


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