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Vinyl vs. Wooden Windows: What to Select for Your Calgary Property

Once you have decided to replace your old windows you will need to complete your research on the matter. Two most frequent options that you will be recommended in the Internet and Calgary stores are vinyl and wood. In the article below we came up with four main points to evaluate both of these materials and describe advantages and disadvantages of both.


In terms of energy efficiency wooden replacement windows have no opponents. Naturally, wood is a great insulator which without any additional means will be able to help you keep the outside temperature from getting into the house. However you have to be ready that without proper maintenance even the best wooden windows will start losing their efficiency over the time. 

Calgary windows experts say that vinyl replacement windows have a great R-value. It means that these windows will be able to insulate your home well and preserve constant comfort temperature at a comfortable level. With the help of special weather stripping during the windows installation you will be able to make vinyl windows energy efficiency closer to the wooden. 


As already mentioned above, wooden windows require maintenance, and according to Calgary professionals, a lot of maintenance. You will need to repaint them regularly, and follow if any additional problems occur. 

On the other hand we have vinyl windows which apart from the proper windows installation require no maintenance. All you will have to do is cleaning them regularly to keep the visual appeal and that is all. So this round is won by vinyl windows undoubtedly. 


As any other natural material wood costs more than vinyl, and so wooden windows do. So in case of choosing wooden replacement windows in Calgary, be ready to pay a lot upfront and spend some money on the regular maintenance. But at the same time wooden replacement windows can significantly increase your home’s insulation and so lower your energy bills. 

Vinyl windows are one of the most affordable options of modern replacement windows existing in the market of Calgary. As they require no maintenance, long-term costs can also be crossed out. Their energy efficiency is as high as wooden options. As a result, if you calculate cost of wooden vs. vinyl windows, the latter option will definitely win. 


There is no secret that wooden windows have been very popular among home owners at all times exactly owing to their natural visual appeal and beauty. Wooden windows are timeless classics that will be a perfect addition to any style of your new home.

Vinyl windows, on the other hand, have conquered the market because of the variety of forms, shapes, and sizes you can order. Exactly vinyl windows installation is the most frequent home renovation project in Calgary. As interior and exterior designers say, vinyl windows can become a perfect addition to any home of any style in any country.

So at this round wooden and vinyl windows are equal.

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