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Vinyl or Wooden Windows - What your Edmonton Home Needs?

Vinyl and wooden windows are the most frequent choice of people in Edmonton for windows replacement projects. Wood is frequently chosen because it is natural and looks nice, whereas vinyl offers significantly lower price and great energy efficiency. In order to help you understand what material to choose for your windows replacement project in Edmonton home, we consulted windows installation experts and their professional opinion is described below. We want to stress out that do not try to incline you to choose one specific option, but aim to simply explain the advantages of each material to help you make the choice based on your personal requirements.


Vinyl windows are made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (frequently shortened to PVC).  The windows for replacement also include some metal and other types of plastics mechanisms and details.

Wooden windows are most frequently made of high quality wood on the inside (most frequently Douglas Fir or pine). Exteriors, on the other hand, are very often combined with extruded aluminum, fiberglass, or PVC to offer more comfort and less wear.


In terms of colors wooden windows for replacement definitely win, because wood can be painted in any possible color depending on your needs and desires. Vinyl windows come in ‘fixed’ colors and cannot be painted. Several years ago there were only 5 to 10 colors, but today the pallet of vinyl replacement windows colors has widened up to half a thousand shades.


Maintenance point definitely goes to vinyl windows, because they are absolutely maintenance free. According to Edmonton professionals, the only thing you need to do with vinyl replacement windows is cleaning them with a mop and a bucket once a season.

In case of wooden windows replacement you will need to make a lot of efforts to maintain them – from classic cleaning to repenting once in a while and dealing with rotting and swelling from water.


Vinyl replacement windows have very good insulation qualities, almost the best existing in the market today. Good. Vinyl as material is a very poor conductor of temperatures which helps people preserve the required temperature at their home. But Edmonton windows installation professionals say that wooden windows are excellent insulators and so energy efficiency of these windows is significantly higher.


Be aware of the fact that cost of windows here is discussed only for windows themselves, because windows installation costs in Edmonton vary depending on the team and company you choose to work with.

In terms of cost, vinyl windows for replacement will definitely cost less, about 25% cheaper. Consequently, wooden replacement windows will cost you more. Most frequently people looking for more unique design and aesthetics are ready to pay more for wooden windows, however if you have modern home with contemporary design, then designers advise purchasing vinyl windows and not to overpay for the unnecessary price makeup.


Vinyl windows are frequent choice of modern home owners this is why many manufacturers produce very qualitative replacement windows made of PVC in Edmonton. In case you choose wooden windows, the choice should be made more attentively and accurately, because the number of companies doing really good wooden replacement windows is much lower.

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