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Is it Time to Replace Your Bay Window?

Up to 20% of homes had bay windows installed during the late 70’s and early to mid-80’s. While these are beautiful pieces of architecture that can enhance a home, chances are that these units are now reaching the end of their lives. Below are a few clear indications that it is time to replace your home’s bay windows:

1. Seal Failure and Visible Water Damage

Upon closer inspection, many older bay windows are found to have damaged seals, which cause water to enter through them and settle on the framework and seat area. This causes water stains and damage to the frame work, which over time, will result in the wood rotting. It also causes fog or mist to form between the glass layers, and this not only obscures your view; mold can develop over time as well.

2. Hardware is no Longer Operational

Another sign that it is time to replace your home’s bay windows is when the hardware such crank units or latches are ‘frozen shut’ and are no longer able to open and close the units properly. Although it may be possible to repair these units or just replace the ailing hardware, it will in fact make more financial sense to replace the windows at this time.

3. Glazing is Blistering and/or Peeling

When the glazing starts blistering or peeling on your bay window units, it’s definitely time to call in the windows replacement experts. This is not an issue that can be repaired as such, especially in cases where the framework has started to rot as well.

4. Seat Area is Deteriorating

Up to 50% of bay windows’ seat areas start to sag as a result of being sat on continuously over the years. In cases like these, it doesn’t pay to just replace the seat area because you will most likely find that the rest of the window framework and hardware will be deteriorating by then as well.

5. You Would Like to Improve Outside Curb Appeal

A large number of older bay windows looked absolutely stunning after being installed. However, after years of weather and use have taken their toll, these units begin to look worn and outdated, which reduces your home’s curb appeal significantly. Replacing these older units will help improve your home’s overall appearance tremendously.

When having any kind of windows replacement performed, it’s imperative that you hire a specialist company to complete the job, but especially so for bay windows, which are more complicated. This will ensure that your new windows are installed according to current industry specifications and ensure they have a long lifespan. If you notice any of the above signs in your windows, be sure to get in touch with professionals right away.

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