Best Replacement Window Options in Barrie

Best Replacement Window Options in Barrie
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Your window's integrity is important to you and your family. Your windows keep the elements out of your home during the different seasons while letting in natural light and ventilation. Therefore, knowing when you need to repair or replace your windows is critical.

Window replacement is not just about changing the window. You'll need to get the timing right, get the best window option, and, importantly, find the best person for the job.

Most Common Types of Windows

Some of the most common window options on the market include:

Double-Hung Windows: This type of window features two sashes that slide up and down to allow air movement and maximum lighting. They are common among homes from the 80s and are ideal for anyone intending to use a window air conditioner.

Fixed Windows: These are perfect if you want proper lighting and can sacrifice ventilation.

Hopper-style Windows: These windows feature a sash hinged at the bottom and open inwards and outwards.

Awning-style Windows: These feature a sash hinged at the top and open outwards. They are not ideal for someone looking for ventilation.

Casement-style Windows: These windows feature a sash hinged to one side and opens outwards. They offer good ventilation when open, but are airtight when closed.

Single-Hung Windows: They resemble double-hung windows, but only the bottom sash opens.

Garden Windows: These windows project from the window to showcase potted plants or small potted gardens. Only one side of the projection opens.

Signs a Window Will Need to be Replaced

Inspecting your windows helps you make proper arrangements for repair or replacement. For example, you may decide you must replace a window when you need a wind latch replacement.

Ensure you inspect before each season and look for the following signs:

  • The cost of air conditioning and heating rises abruptly and continues to rise

  • The house feels drafty in cold seasons and too hot in warmer seasons

  • You experience faulty window operations, such as jamming and sticking

  • You notice decay and water damage to the frames

  • The window rattles in the wind

  • You notice racked glass

  • There is excessive window condensation between glass panes

What Does Replacing a Window Entail?

Replacing a window involves the following steps.

  1. Remove the old window

  2. Clean the window opening

  3. Apply slashing tape and ensure the sill is level

  4. Dry-fit the window

  5. Apply Caulk

  6. Place the window and secure ensuring it is even

  7. Fill the gaps

  8. Install trim and caulk the interior

How Do You Narrow Down Your Choices for a Window Replacement Company?

Every window replacement company will boast about being the best. So, how do you know which company offers Barrie's best window replacement services?

Get an Understanding of the Competition

The first step toward finding the best window replacement company is looking at the companies competing in the area. A quick online search can show you the number of service providers in your area and their expertise. Next, dig deeper into each company and understand what they offer.

Gather Information on Customer Satisfaction

Knowing what previous customers say is one of the best ways to gauge a company. Go online and look at the reviews and ratings customers leave behind after services. A company with high satisfaction rates will have positive reviews and high ratings. However, ensure the reviews are not fake or bot-generated.

Check Out the Company's Body of Work

A serious and competitive window replacement company will offer prospective customers a view of their previous work. This will be in the form of pictures or videos detailing the before and after replacement. Look at the photos and videos to determine if the kind of services offered meet your standards or needs.

Best Window Replacement Companies in Barrie

Here are some of the top window replacement companies in Barrie:

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors is the best option for your window and door replacement needs in Barrie. They are home to innovative, energy-efficient windows, provide warranties, have served over 80,000 satisfied clients, and have installed over 1,000,000 windows and doors.

Contact Canadian Choice Windows and Doors through email, or call a member of our team and access new designs installed with utmost care and attention to detail.

Westend Windows & Doors

This locally owned business helps homeowners select, design, and build custom window replacements in Barrie. They provide a 20-year warranty on their services, offer a manufacturer warranty, and employ experienced and friendly teams that act on your requests diligently.

Westend offers competitive window replacement costs and offers a flexible payment option.

Verdun Windows and Doors

Verdun Windows and Doors has offered Barrie residents quality services for over 30 years. They sell, install, and service windows all over Canada and offer Revocell Energy Star certified windows that are more durable, bright, and efficient than competitors. You'll find great value at low prices and access three flexible payment plan options.


Replacing your windows is all about getting everything right. Start by inspecting your windows for signs that they may need replacement. Look out for increased energy bills, rattling windows, rot on frames, and precipitation between panes.

  1. How Do You Shop for Windows?

    Shop for windows online, visit stores, or visit open show houses to browse their displays.

  2. Why Are New Windows So Expensive?

    Window prices keep rising thanks to new materials and technologies used in manufacturing. Custom-made windows also fetch higher prices.

  3. Should I Buy an Energy Efficient Window?

    Energy-efficient windows are a good consideration for your new or existing home. Heat gain and loss through windows make up 25% to 30% of residential energy use.

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