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Advantages of Installing Sliding Windows This Summer

For the first time in a long time, you decided to take a good look at your residential windows. What you found did not exactly fill you with glee. Something must be done before summer arrives, but what sort of window replacement would be best? One option you can consider is sliding windows. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by making this choice. 

Less Complicated Design 

One of the great things about sliding windows is the simplistic design. That simplicity ensures the sliding windows will work with many different home styles. If you are looking for something that is a little more modern than your older roll-out windows but still fits in with the style of your six-decade old home, you can bet this solution will work nicely. 

Fewer Repairs and Easier Upkeep 

The simple design pays off in more than one way. You’ll find that this window design requires fewer repairs as the years go by. If you choose to go with vinyl or metal windows, the main thing you will need to focus on is cleaning. Keep the tracks holding the two sliding window sashes in place as clean as possible. That ensures easy movement and minimizes the potential for any damage. If you opt for sliding windows that tilt, it will be even easier to clean both sides of the glass. That’s especially helpful if your home has two or more stories. 

Opening and Closing Each Window is Easy 

Double hung windows are great, but even new ones will take a small effort to open. That’s fine as long as you and everyone in the home is phyically able to push the sashes upward and then apply the force needed to close them later. Most people can perform these tasks without thinking about it. Others who have reduced upper body strength will not be so fortunate. 

If you are getting older or have been in some type of accident that minimizes your ability to lift, opting for this design of Maple windows makes a lot of sense. Sliding panes along a track does require less effort than attempting to pull upward or push downward. Thanks to the installation, every member of the family can open or close a window whenever they like.

An Energy Efficient Choice 

Like most newer windows, sliding windows provide excellent protection from the elements. Many designs come with double pane glass that is glazed to create a tight seal when the windows are in the closed position. The result is a seal that effectively prevents hot or cold air from seeping into the home. You’ll notice that it takes less energy to control the indoor temperature. As a bonus, the glass design will also muffle noises from outside. That will certainly make it easier to enjoy peace and quiet around the house.

Are you ready to replace those older residential windows? Call a contractor and arrange for a full window inspection. Talk about the benefits that sliding windows offer. There’s a good chance that they will be just what you need.

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