Top Design Trends in 2024

Top Design Trends in 2024
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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

Our experiences and ideas impact the trends we adopt, and home designs are no different. Over time, homeowners have endlessly sought ways to maximize energy efficiency and invite in as much natural light as possible without compromising privacy or safety.

The latest trends in modern architecture and design thus call for large panoramic windows, large glass walls, and sliding glass doors, which allow opening the rooms to the garden or deck, creating a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors design. Designers and architects offer a wide range of contemporary door designs and window designs that add unique accents to modern home exteriors.

The trends we cover in this guide blend these experiences and designers’ creativity to give you a touch of class and a more intimate connection with the external environment.

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Top windows and doors trends in 2024

The following are some of the highly regarded and adopted window designs this year, promising to gain even more favourability as the year goes by.

Grounded Windows (Floor to Ceiling Windows)

Large panoramic floor-to-ceiling window designs are impressive, adding drama to modern architecture while providing beautiful views of nature, hills or ocean views, or city skyline views.

Homeowners are falling for this design as they look to make their homes more “connected” with the outdoors. These windows allow natural lighting and fresh air while giving the illusion of more space.

In addition to the view and lighting benefits, these windows also fulfill many people’s aesthetic appeal thus a great choice in adding a classy feel to homes.

Suppose you have room in your budget to install floor-to-ceiling windows: do so in areas where you’ll maximize their use and make them worth the investment. A living room or bedroom window is ideal because those are likely rooms where you spend quality time throughout the day.

Round-Shaped Designs

Round windows are a great way to bring in natural light and provide exciting views in your residence.

The shape of round window designs can be circular or oval-shaped, providing you with your house's perfect geometry and structure.

A well-designed window can be a beautiful focal point for a room and can add character to your house with its design intricacies.  

In addition, a round window will be the talking point of any room and can be used as a beautiful focal point when placed in an otherwise plain wall.

The shape of this kind of window provides an exciting contrast with the rest of the building’s architecture. 

Sliding Window Design

These window designs are available in different styles and types, like double-hung windows, single-hung windows, casement, horizontal sliding, and fixed. The double-hung windows have two sashes that can be opened either from the top or bottom part of the window.

These types of doors are very beneficial in areas where you need more light and air, especially in small spaces. As they slide horizontally on tracks, they take less space than other doors. 

Also, their horizontal sliding feature allows you to open both sides at a time where you can get maximum air and light inside your home. It gives a nice view when entirely opened as there is no obstruction between you and nature because of any bars or frames.

Large sliding doors connect indoor and outdoor living spaces visually and increase the appeal of modern home exteriors, offering a beautiful view of the backyard landscaping or front yard landscaping.

Sliding doors and windows are also easy to operate and maintain. Available in various colours, finishes, and styles, aluminum sliding windows are the perfect choice for modern homes.

Arched Doors and Windows

Whether it's an arched door or window, it's sure to make a statement of timeless elegance when added to your home design. The traditional look of arched windows is often accompanied by stained glass on top for additional character. Adding arched doors is also an excellent idea because they will bring more light into the house and stand out from the rest of your home's decor.

Bay Windows

Bay windows make your room appear larger than it is while also providing extra seating space in your house. You can use bay windows to affect any room significantly, but they look best in areas where you want more natural light, such as your living room or kitchen. 

If you own a cottage or cabin, bay windows are ideal as they make the rooms appear more prominent and have an added security advantage. Bay window designs are versatile enough to fit into just about any home style, from traditional homes to modern houses.

Top picks for the year

Amid all these fantastic trends, we can't afford to overlook some of the designs that have stood out in terms of general appearance and reception from homeowners. Some of the techniques that have withstood the cut include:

Architecturally designed windows

Homeowners are looking to personalize their space in all aspects possible. This desire has paved a solid path for the rise and dominance of architectural designs customized as per the client's preference.

In addition to personalized spaces, these designs hugely complement the overall building design giving it a stylish complex touch.

Sliding tilt windows 

Sliding windows have earned their share of favourability by homeowners due to their security enhancement aspect and modern appearance. 

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors is destined to align these trends with your aesthetic taste. Whether through architectural designs or tilt windows, our service is packed with personalized and revolutionary design features to give you absolute value.

In addition, our designs are upgraded with DraftLOCK technology for improved performance and durability.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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