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Why Do Vinyl Windows Last Longer than Wooden Windows?

If you live in Oakville, vinyl windows are an excellent choice for your home because they offer superior energy efficiency. They also come in a wide variety of styles, helping you to get just the look you want for an affordable price.

When you are looking for windows in Oakville, you have many more choices, including popular wooden styles. However, vinyl windows are superior to wood in many ways, including their durability. Here are just a few reasons why Oakville vinyl windows last longer than wooden windows:

They Don't Warp

Wood may look beautiful, but it can change shape over time, causing the window to lose its shape and leaks to form. Warping can be caused by moisture, heat, or humidity. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are impervious to these elements and will not warp. Vinyl windows will keep their shape for decades, and they will continue to offer the same protection against the elements.

Water Damage is No Problem

Wood is highly susceptible to water damage. It can lead to the frame becoming rotted, or it can cause the spread of mold and mildew, which can damage the window and pose a health risk to everyone in your home. Vinyl windows are immune to water damage. Water won't even cause vinyl windows to rust. It just runs off the frame, and presents no issue for concern.

They are Impervious to Pests

Pests can get inside a vinyl window in Oakville, but they can't cause any damage. They may be a nuisance, but they won't destroy your window. On the other hand, bugs can cause a wooden window to decay. Termites are an especially big problem for wooden windows, but many other types of bugs can burrow into or eat the wood.

They Resist Condensation

Condensation can form between the panes on any type of window. However, vinyl windows are treated to resist this condensation. A pocket of inert gas is inserted between the panes, helping to reduce the formation of moisture. Wooden windows do not have this feature, and condensation can get inside, leading to moisture damage like rotting and warping.

They Don't Need Constant Maintenance

Wooden windows need to be repainted or refinished over the years to stay in top shape. Vinyl windows do not need such maintenance. The durable materials withstand rust and other types of corrosion, all with minimal effort from you. Just keep them free of dust to prevent the accumulation of debris, and that's all.

If you just love the look of wooden windows, you can choose vinyl windows that have a faux wood finish. They allow you to get the best of both worlds, getting the look of wood without the potential damages.

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