Types of Replacement Windows in Vancouver

window types in Vancouver

If you’re ready to replace your older windows, there are plenty of options you can explore. Go with something that’s different from what you have now, or stick with a style that’s familiar and that you like. Before you make up your mind, do take a moment and learn a little more about your options for different types of replacement windows in Vancouver. You’ll find that all of these plus more are available with Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™.

Window Styles to Considerations

The window style selected is easily one of the primary decisions that you must make. Definitely choose the style for your replacement windows in Vancouver with care. While there are lots of features and options to consider, they can be divided into five key categories.

  • Hung – Easily on of the more popular options, hung replacement windows in Vancouver should be at the top of your list. You can get them with single, double, or triple pane glass. Go with a single or double adjustable sash, whichever works best for you. Consider including a tilt option that makes for easier cleaning and general upkeep.
  • Slider – While not as popular as hung windows, sliders look great and are simple to operate. Rather than moving the sashes up and down they go side to side. You can have one sash set in place or ensure both sashes can move. You could even go with a design that has a stationary sash in the middle paired with sliding sashes on each side.
  • Casement – If you’re looking for a combination of great energy efficiency, easy operation, and an affordable price, do consider the possibility of casement windows. As one of the more popular replacement windows in Vancouver, these windows are hinged on one side and include a crank to make opening and closing the sashes simple. Go with casements that are hinged on the left or right, or you can consider awning windows that are hinged along the top. In terms of allowing plenty of fresh air into the home while it’s raining, the latter option can’t be beat.
  • Bay windows – Bay windows provide a beautiful view while enhancing the indoor lighting and often providing additional seating or storage space underneath. Typically, bay windows have three sashes that can be fixed in place or adjustable.
  • Bow windows – Like bay windows, bow windows are great for lighting and creating additional space within rooms. The sashes can also be fixed, adjustable, or a combination. Unlike bay windows, bow windows usually come with more than three sashes, with five being the most common.

Replacement Windows in Vancouver – Other Points to Ponder

While considering the style will occupy much of the process, there are other points to consider. The glass for the panes is a good example. Double or triple pane glass offers greater insulation but will cost more than single pane glass. Knowing the differences between wood, vinyl, and aluminum materials, including the cost of each, is something you should know. Maintenance and duration are also factors you want to explore.

While it may seem like a lot to absorb, choosing the right windows is something that you want to take your time with. Think about appearance, function, how well the new windows will insulate the home, the increase in energy efficiency, and the overall cost. You can turn to the team at Canadian Choice™ and rest assured that we will have answers to all your questions and provide the best installation in Vancouver area.

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