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What is the Best Type of Door to Prevent Break Ins?

A burglary is one of the worst things that a homeowner can experience. When another person enters your home uninvited, it can be a very unsettling feeling. While many people are under the impression that most burglars get into a home through the windows, this actually isn’t true. The doors of a home are the most common way a burglar gets into a house; they either pick the locks or simply break the door in by using force.

However, if a door is so reinforced that there’s no way a person, or even two people, can smash it down by using force, then the homeowner with that door on their home is going to feel much better when they leave their home for a few days or go to sleep at night. There are certain types of doors that are going to provide much better protection for a home than others, though.

Picking the Right Type of Door

When choosing a new door to have installed on your home, it’s important to consider the material it’s made out of. A steel or fibreglass door is going to provide a lot more reinforcement than a wooden one. However, when choosing the door to put on your home, it’s important to consider how it looks from the outside and whether or not it matches with the current style of your home. It would look awkward to install a classic wooden door on a home that has a modern exterior style.

If you are unsure of which door to choose for your home, then ask a door installation company to help you make your decision. A good company will be more than happy to elaborate on the pros and cons of the different doors they offer. Also, many companies make use of imaging technology that allows them to photograph a home and edit the image to show you what the house would look like with various options installed.

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Extra Considerations When Installing a New Door

While the material the door is made out of is one of the most important aspects of choosing a new one, so are the locks and supports that it features. The strongest steel door is going to be useless if it doesn’t have a sturdy lock that extends deep into the frame of the home. If you are concerned about the force a door is able to withstand without giving in, then make sure to voice this concern to the company that’s going to install your new door.

In addition to having a sturdy deadbolt, it would be wise to find a door that comes with a secondary lock. A secondary lock is one that can only be used from the inside of the home when a homeowner is there. There is no way to access a secondary lock from the outside of the home, but they can provide a lot of support and increase the force the door is able to withstand.

A reputable door company will be able to help guide your choices, give recommendations, and further your knowledge when it comes time to select a door. Make sure that you research any potential vendors thoroughly, including reading reviews and even asking to see some samples of past work. A skilled installation company will help you secure your home from threats, and keep your family safe.

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