What are Low-E Coatings?

Low-E coatings can be a great addition to your window quality. However, before we get into why, let's first go over what you need to know about Low-E coatings and how they work.

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Why You Should Stay Away from Cheap Windows

When investing in windows, it is important to go towards quality. Cheap windows are never a good idea for the simple reason that they will not be able to stand up to the elements that we have here in Canada.

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Do Window Brands Really Matter?

As one of the top window companies in the region, we hear this question a lot. In simple terms, brand-name windows do matter, but some lesser-known brands also provide great cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives.

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How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Cottage?

When searching for replacement windows for your cottage, it is crucial to factor out the main problem you aim to get rid of as the overall improvement goals you look to hit. These two considerations will give you a more precise snapshot of the type of windows, like replacements. These considerations will guide you in the choice of materials and window type, to achieve the effectiveness and the beauty you desire. 

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