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Homeowners Across Ontario are Dropping Their Hydro Bills With This $2,100 Government Incentive

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and improve the environment, the government is getting involved on a provincial level to help homeowners do their part. Over the last couple of years energy prices have soared, leaving many property owners at a significant loss. What’s more, many of them struggle to save enough money for the energy-saving home upgrades they need to bring their bills back down to a manageable level. The government has finally recognized this, and is stepping in to help out.

The Cost of Energy is Rising Steadily:

energy prices.png

These are stats from Ontario - a province known for it’s more moderate, less energy-demanding climate.

Going Green - The Struggle Is Real

Energy Saving Windows

Almost all Canadians agree that they want to do more for the environment, but outside of the basics like recycling and conserving water they don’t really know how to do it without committing to a major lifestyle change. But what if we told you it was possible to make a big impact and save money by changing a few very small things in your home that the average joe would consider cosmetic?

It’s common knowledge that upgrading windows and doors is one of the most effective yet least invasive ways for homeowners to save on energy costs. These are the critical connection points between the literal holes in your home and the great outdoors. The hard part is recognizing that they are a major cause of the problem.

For example:

If you think about a blown up balloon, it is impossible to see or feel any air escaping from it, even if you stare at it for an hour. But, sure enough over time that balloon loses it’s shape. The energy and tension that was once inside is gone. The same thing happens with your windows and doors, but instead of losing the hot air you blew into the balloon, you’re losing the heated air you’re actually paying your hydro company a premium for every single day!  

Luckily, replacing them is nothing like the experience of ripping apart entire kitchens and furnace rooms, which can leave you more or less destitute for days. The installation process for windows is quick, clean and completed within hours.

How Can You Get Approved For Up To $2,100.00 Towards New Windows & Doors?

We can help. Thanks to the government and their power partners, now there’s a way to stop wasting energy without stressing yourself out financially. The government actually wants to help you do better.

Homeowners are getting incentives up to $2,100 towards specific home upgrades that reduce their energy consumption and waste. These upgrades include:

window 1.png

and more...

Here’s a detailed list of the EXACT window specifications needed to qualify you for this incentive:

The energy conservation incentive program is provided by Union Gas, Enbridge Gas Distribution and Manitoba Hydro in partnership with the Government of Ontario and Manitoba. For the program the government is putting its money where its mouth is, committing to $1M for its establishment in Ontario alone. This investment is creating a relative feeding frenzy of proactive homeowners looking to claim their share.

Forecasts suggest it will help up to 37,000 homeowners make energy conserving improvements to their properties - not to mention majorly boost their resale values.

Why Are So Many Canadian Homeowners Choosing Government Incentives Over Financing?  

  • The program makes it possible for you to get energy efficiency improvements right away without worrying about sky-high upfront payments.

  • The loan is not attached to you personally as the owner but instead, to your home so, in the event that you sell the property, all costs are the responsibility of the new owner.

  • The program offers reasonable rates and much longer terms than regular financing alternatives such as lines of credit.

  • Provides access to rebates and incentives available from energy companies.

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