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Choosing a Steel Exterior Door That Can Handle Toronto's Climate

Replacing residential or commercial exterior doors means considering several different options. If you’ve decided that a steel door is right for your business or home, there are a few more questions to ask. The goal is to make sure the door you choose will hold up well to whatever type of weather occurs as the seasons in Toronto change. Here are some examples of questions to ask.

What’s in the Core?

While you can invest in steel exterior doors that are solid, many designs include other materials in the core. Your goal is to find out what the manufacture uses for filler in the core.

What you hope to find is that the core is filled with materials that provide effective barriers from outdoor temperatures. It helps if those materials also help to muffle sound. Beware of hollow steel doors since they will not do much to help with insulating the home or preventing street noise from filtering into the home.

Does the Door Come With the Right Cutouts?

Some steel doors are solid while others come with cutouts for things like a peephole and a place to install a doorknob and lock. Your best bet is to go with a door that already has the cutouts. While you could have them added later, that will mean an additional expense. It also means the door surface could be damaged.

Check with the company that will install the steel door. They can help you select the locks and ornamental door handles ahead of time. If any modifications are needed to the door frame, they can make those at the time of the installation.

What’s The Fire Rating?

Many people don’t consider the fire rating for a steel door. That’s because they already know steel doors will not burn the way their wood counterparts will burn. Even so, doors made with thinner gauge steel will not offer the same level of protection and do not allow occupants more time to get out of the home.

Consider accepting nothing less than a door with a 20-gauge steel skin. The fire rating should be at least 20 minutes. This means the door will prevent a fire from spreading from outside into the room for up to 20 minutes. That gives people more time to get out of the space and could end up saving lives.

Paint or Veneer?

Just like fiberglass doors in Toronto, you have decorating options with exterior steel doors. It’s possible to have an acrylic paint shell baked onto the door ahead of time. You could arrange to paint and seal the door before it’s installed. There are also steel doors that come with wood and other veneer designs already in place. It’s up to you to decide which style would work best for your home.

Don’t assume that all steel doors are equal. Your goal is to choose one that provides the most benefits for your family and will last for a long time. With a little time and effort, you can find a door that provides all the features you want and fits neatly into your budget.

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