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With Colder Months Upon Us - Which Windows Will Keep You Warm & Save You Money?

Winter is on the way, and you would like the home to be warm and comfortable no matter how cold things get. Your residential windows are not in the best condition, so replacing them now is a great way to be comfortable in the months to come. The question is what sort of windows would ensure you stay warm and save you money at the same time? Here are four aspects of those new windows in Ottawa that you should consider carefully.

The Materials Chosen 

Materials that do not allow for a lot of heat and cold transference are important for your new Ottawa windows. Vinyl is an example of material that creates a reliable barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. It’s also less subject to deterioration than many other materials. 

Along with not conducting cold into the home, vinyl is less subject to contraction when things get really cold. The result is window materials that are sturdy, block the cold air, and retain their shape. Those are all qualities you want in your replacement windows. 

The Frame Design 

Choosing the right new windows and doors for your home does mean looking at different designs. In the case of new windows, just about every design one can imagine will serve you well. The key factor is how well the components of that design fit together. 

If you like double-hung windows for your home, make sure the sashes are snug in the tracks and the windows frame. Awning window sashes should also be snug and not allow any air to seep between the sash and the frame. Feel free to check out all the designs offered by the Ottawa windows company of your choice, but make sure the frame design is durable and does not allow for any air seepage. 

The Glass 

There’s no doubt that your new windows in Ottawa must have the right type of glass. Opt for double pane glass at the least. Triple pane glass is not a bad choice either. Along with creating a more effective barrier for preventing cold to seep through the glass, this solution also makes it harder to break the window. See Ottawa windows with double or triple pane glass as both a way to save on energy costs and to keep the home more secure. 

The Energy Rating 

You definitely want those replacement windows to come with an Energy Star rating. A better rating means less energy is required to properly heat the home. You’ll also find that windows that meet the energy saving specifications set by government programs could qualify you for a rebate. Take a good look at your windows and doors before the weather gets any cooler. Contact a reputable Ottawa windows company and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. Together, you can determine the right style, go over the energy saving benefits, and establish a date for the window replacement to take place.

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