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Where Can I Find The Largest Selection of Window Products in Winnipeg?

Replacing the aging windows in your home is one of the smartest moves that any homeowner could make. Along with the improvement to the home’s appearance, the energy savings make the effort worth every penny. In order to make the best choices for those new windows, dealing with a provider who offers the widest selection of window products in Winnipeg is the only way to go. If you decide to work with Canadian Choice Windows, you will find these and many more design options.

Awning Windows 

Awning windows are among the most popular designs offered today. It’s not hard to see why homeowners like them so much. Opening and closing the windows is easy. You can opt for windows you open manually or go with awning windows that you can open with the press of a button. Our contractors can help you explore both options. 

While awning windows work well with most designs, some clients choose them for one practical reason. People who find it difficult to open and close windows with sashes that slide up and down have no trouble opening an awning window. If you are other members of your family do have difficulties with the current windows, switching to an awning design could be just what you need. 

Double Hung Windows 

Double hung windows sport the traditional two-sash design that many people prefer. The great thing about this choice is that both sashes move. You have complete control of whether to open one or both sashes so the air flow is perfect and you still feel secure. 

For example, you may feel more comfortable opening the top sash slightly while leaving the bottom sash locked in place. You still get a nice breeze, but enjoy the safety benefits of having the bottom sash secured. If privacy is also something you consider important, it is possible to use frosted glass in the bottom sash and save the clear glass for the top one. You tell us what you have in mind for the windows and we can work with you to make it happen. 

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are another great choice for people who find it difficult to operate single and double hung window. The sliding sashes can be operated manually or you can arrange have them designs to open with a remote control. You can slide the windows to whatever position you like, allowing a lot of air into the room or only a small breeze. 

These windows are also available in tilt designs. That means the sashes can tilt inwards as well as move from side to side. Think of what that means in terms of being able to clean the glass on both sides without climbing on a ladder. 

Bay and Bow Windows 

Bay and bow windows add visual interest on the inside and outside of the home. They also allow you to create a little more space indoors. Outfit them with a window seat and include storage under that seat. You’ll find all sorts of ways to use the space around your new windows.

Call us today and let’s talk about the Winnipeg window options we have available. It won’t take long to find what you like, obtain a quote, and schedule a start date for the installation.

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