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Keeping a Healthy Airflow in Your Home with New Windows

Air Duct Cleaning

How healthy is the air you breathe? If you have old windows and haven’t had a proper vent cleaning in years, the answer might make you uncomfortable. Dust and allergens get into a home on a regular basis. Over time, they build up in a house’s vents. In particularly dry months or during winters, this can lead to more allergies and colds. 

Top 10 Window Designs in 2020

This was not the year that you decided to replace your home's windows, but that project is on the agenda for next year. Now is the time to check out the most popular window designs for 2019, since they will provide food for thought as you think about new windows in 2020. Here in no particular order are the top window designs homeowners chose in the past year and are likely to remain popular in the year to come.

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