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How to Measure Your Windows for Replacement

Measuring is one of the most important steps in the window-replacement process. To make sure that the size of a new replacement unit you order is right, it is very important to measure dimensions of the window frame properly. Want to learn how to do it? Check out our experts' tips!

What is the Difference Between Various Types of Windows?

Different styles of windows can change the appearance of the whole house. As a rule, people find one type and then stick to it without looking at any other options. Window experts advise to find out all the information available and only after that select a certain window style. In our article we collected a few most popular types to help you in choosing new windows.

Simple Tips to Prolong the Service Life of Vinyl Windows

Nowadays, people choose vinyl windows for their homes more and more often. But a lot of them still think that the only thing they need to do is to install them and forget about any problems. This is partially true, because you still need to take few steps to prolong the life of your windows. If you want to know them, read our experts’ three main steps in vinyl window maintenance.

What are the Main Stages of Windows Replacement?

When you see your windows rotting or loosing in the old frames, then accept the fact that the time for windows replacement has come. As a rule, people do not know what are the main steps of windows replacement so check the main stages of the process to understand it better.

Best Windows for a High-Tech Interior

Modern society creates new gadgets so fast that sometimes people cannot keep path with all of them. Still many people want their home to have high-tech style in architecture and interior. This article aims to help choosing best windows for high-tech interior lovers. Read it and find out what suits you best!

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