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5 Ways to Cut Down Heating Costs This Winter

With the cold season upon us, now would be a good time to explore different methods to keep your home’s heating costs in check. You don’t have to step up you your layering game or hide under the covers to keep yourself warm in a freezing cold house in order to save money this winter.

5 Steps to Take to Reduce Heating Costs

As a matter of fact, you can maintain an ideal temperature indoors and still reduce the value of your monthly heating bill by following the 5 easy tips listed below.

1. Lower the Heat inside Your Home. Start by turning down your thermostat to approximately 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally, you should keep the room temperature in the 60-70 degrees range to cut down your heating costs while maintaining a comfortable ambiance.

2. Clean or Replace Furnace Filters. Did you know that filthy furnace filters make you waste energy by restricting airflow and boosting energy use? This is precisely why you should clean dirty filters, or replace worn out filters with new ones. By doing so, you could decrease your heating costs by up to 5%, according to the data provided by the Consumer Energy Center.

3. Fix Your Windows. It goes without saying that you should also make sure that your windows are in mint condition while prepping your home for the cold season. If you don’t want to spend most of your cold days huddled under three warm comforters, cover your windows using plastic sheets. Buy and use the window covering products that best match your practical and aesthetic demands, and your budget. By covering sliding patio doors and windows with see-through plastic film you could reduce heat loss inside your home by up to 25%, according to recent expert estimates. Also, you may want to buy and install heavy curtains that will do a great job at keeping the heat trapped inside your room.

4. Decrease the Temperature of Hot Water. Setting your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or restoring it to its normal setting will give you the chance to reduce heating expenses by anywhere from 7% to 11%,

5. Seal Leaks in Your Ductwork. Even if you’ve already insulated your walls to minimize heat loss inside your house, there is one other thing that you could do to maximize your energy savings this season: take a look at your ductwork in your attic or basement, and identify leaks in your ducts. According to the statistics unveiled by Energy Star, homes with forced-air heating systems lose up to 30% of the air that circulates through ductworks because of unaddressed holes, leaks and improperly connected ducts. You can easily fix these problems on your own by placing metal tape or mastic sealant over holes or leaks to seal ducts and prevent heat loss in the future.

Start Reducing Your Heating Costs Today

Why waste money on heating, when you can implement a series of simple changes to protect your resources and maintain an ideal temperature inside your home? Check your ductwork, lower your heat, clean or change furnace filters, and fix or replace your windows today to reduce the value of your utility bills this winter. 

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