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5 Energy Saving Window Treatments for Your Home

Wondering why you are always forced to cope with inflated utility bills during winter? If you are inclined to think that you pay too much for heating and cooling year-round, perhaps you should check your windows and doors. According to recent statistics, one third of the heat loss reported inside an average home occurs through faulty doors and windows.

5 Add-ons That Can Maximize the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows

In case you don’t feel ready to replace our old windows with newer models that could help you save money, at least consider opting for one of the following treatments to boost the energy efficiency of your existing windows.

1. Awnings and Roof Overhangs. Aside from adding personality and value to your home, awnings can also offer a superior protection against sunrays, and decrease solar heat gain by approximately 65% for windows facing south. Roof overhangs serve a similar purpose; they will minimize solar heat during summer, while also enabling you to keep your indoors warm during the cold season. To design roof overhangs that can maintain an ideal temperature, it would be best to work closely with an architect specialized in passive solar design.

2. Hardwood Shutters. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, hardwood shutters offer another notable advantage: due to their efficient insulating design, they have the power to keep your indoors cool in summer, and retain heat inside the room during winter.

3. Window Film. Window film is another feasible option that you should consider if you’re planning on boosting the energy efficiency of your windows. These add-ons deflect up to 99% of UV rays, safeguarding your furniture and appliances from the damaging impact of UV rays. Insulating window films can minimize solar heat gain by up to 70%, keeping your house cool even during the hottest days of summer.

4. Motorized Shades and Blinds. Motorized blinds and shades are an excellent choice for homeowners who would like to adjust their blinds and shades using a remote. These innovative products help prevent choking hazards associated with corded blinds, and constitute a safer option for families with pets and kids. At the same time, optional motorization solutions have the power to turn virtually any type of blinds into energy-efficient ones, as their owners can set on timers to reduce or enhance heat gain based on their specific needs.

5. Mesh Window Screens. Last but not least, mesh window screens contribute to one’s energy efficiency goals by reducing heat gain year-round. These items disperse solar radiation, and help homeowners maintain an optimal temperature inside their rooms. Ideally, mesh window screens should be mounted on an external frame, and cover the entire window surface.

Choose the Energy Efficient Window Treatment That Works Best for You

There are several window treatments that can help you reach new milestones in terms of energy efficiency, save money, and turn your indoors into relaxing, comfortable spaces season after season. Choose the one that best matches your needs, decor and personal preferences, and cut down your heating and cooling costs without making any sacrifices.

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